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Devon Barley Dishes On Today Show About The Voice

The Today Show on NBC has done a great job of promoting awareness of "The Voice" which many experts are calling a direct copy of Fox/TV's "American Idol."  I wouldn't necessarily agree, but I can see where that opinion comes from.

Meanwhile, one of  The Voice contestants, Devon Barley, who is noteworthy for wanting to walk away from a medical career to a music career was interviewed outside the Today studios by Ann Curry, Natalie Morales and Al Roker.

Ann explained that Devon "has gone from med school to schooling the competition on the voice."  Devon confirmed "both of his parents are in med school" and he was "in pre-med."

The Voice allowed Devon to walk away from medical school. Does he regret walking away from medical school?  He said "given my options, this has been great.  It's been amazing."

Natalie confirmed Devon "did very well in the battle round last week." Natalie said "you came out of that very well, but you started off with a little bit of a disadvantage because he didn't know the song you were singing "Creek" by Radiohead.  She asked "so how did you get the confidence to belt it out like you did?"

Devon noted "I mean it was really, really, a tough song for me.  It was 90s grunge, I was maybe 2 when the song came out.  My battle partner Rebecca knew the song like the back of her hand. And it was really hard for me to sorta get in touch with the song and convey that to the audience and it just took a little bit more homework but you know in the end I pulled it out."

Although CeeLo Green and Adam Levine both wanted Devon on his team, Devon went with Adam Levine.  Al asked "why did you choose Adam over CeeLo?"

Devon said "I mean, when it came down to it, I grew up listening to Adam Levine.  He was developing his sound when I was growing up.  And developing mine.  And the fact that we have similar tones really sold me on him. We work well together.  How could I have passed that up?"

Natalie asked "what would you say your music style is?  You have a very distinct sort of voice."  Devon "yeah, my voice is kinda versatile.  I don't know. I would consider it a poppy sort of soul."

When asked if he was having fun Devon said "so much fun.  It's so great to be here."  Natalie asked if Devon can go back to med school or if he is going to keep up as long as possible with the competition?  Devon "As long as I'm doing this well, we'll see."

Al "what do your parents want you to do?"  Devon "what do you think they want me to do?"  The Today show team laughed.

Ann Curry who is always so sweet said "it sounds like they have a talented son whichever way you go."  She shook his hand and said "good luck to you."  Awwwww

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