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Wind Blowing Through Your Hair Poses Potential Damage

The La Jolla Light published a great list of Memorial Day motorcycle safety tips.  They make reference to "the wind in your hair and the smell of black asphalt.  While it sounds enticing to have a gentle breeze blowing through your tresses, it can also offer long term challenges for maintaining  healthy strands.

While it's definitely important to follow all the motorcycle safety tips listed in the La Jolla Light it's also important to adopt the following protective hair tips:

1.  Keep hair, especially when chin length or longer tied back into a ponytail, braid or similar.  If your hair is long enough, opt for a chignon, twist or bun.  When hair is allowed to blow freely in the wind it has a much higher risk of tangling, splitting and ripping.

If hair is long enough, tangling can become severe to the point that knots may be irreversible.  Once hair is knotted past a certain point the only way to remove the knots is to cut them out of the hair, which can further damage the health of the tresses.

2.  When possible cover the hair and scalp with a cap, scarf, hat or similar.  If you prefer, you can wear a special hair wrap like a Hair Glove which is designed specifically for motorcycles.

When the scalp and hair is not covered, there is a risk of sun damage and wind burn.  Consider applying a sunscreen to the parts, around the hairline and exposed scalp areas for extra protection.

3.  When not out in wind on your bike, treat strands with extra Tender Loving Care (TLC).  Make sure to deep condition at least once or twice a month or apply a light leave-in conditioning cream or oil, wrap the hair into a bun and allow oil remain on strands as a protective measure.

4.  Maximize time in-between cleansings to allow natural oils to flow down from the roots to the ends.  Only use luke-warm water for cleansings.  Consider using Conditioner Only (CO) or Water Only (WO) cleansings in between washes with shampoo, Diluted Shampoo (DS) or low poo formulas.

5.  Keep ends trimmed to remove any splits, break, tears or rips.

6.  If hair becomes tangled while out in the wind make sure to gently remove any knots as soon as possible.

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