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Tom Hanks Voted For Haley Reinhart On American Idol

Tom Hanks was a guest on Ellen recently  The beloved Oscar winning actor rocked a very short haircut which looked very good.  Tom chatted about his new granddaughter, his latest movie, his recent wedding anniversary with his wife Rita and being bummed out about an American Idol elimination.

Ellen told her audience that she and Tom were talking about the current season of American Idol and that both of them were "very sad to see Haley (Reinhart) go.  Tom said "I had dodged the virus (of American Idol) for many, many years.  I watched some of it when you were on - just to see you.

Because quite frankly four judges weren't just quite enough.  But if they would have had eight judges because they could all say 'boy you did it girl.  You really rocked it. You really did.'"

He continued "but this year I got hooked on it, sitting there and watching it with Rita (Wilson, his wife) and I must say I never voted until last week.  I voted for the first time.   I voted for Haley.  I voted twice. And not to take anything from the other kids.  But I was walking around and I didn't even realize I was doing it - and Rita asked - 'what is it you keep whistling and humming?'"  Tom said, as he slapped his head "I'm humming Rhiannon because of her (Haley's) rendition of Rhiannon she sang that night."

Ellen said "it was tough competition.  And not to take anything away from Scotty or Lauren because they're great, but I just thought Haley was go (good) and I know she needed the help.  Sooooo."

Tom teased "not to take anything away from them, but I do hate them cause...I'm joking. I don't hate them.  I just lost, that's all."  He explained  "I voted twice… (and) I thought, ‘Well, that’ll put her over the top.’”

He told Ellen "I did that thing where you dial in the thing and Idol's 866, 688 whatever.  And I did it wrong the first time and got nothing and did it right the second time, and I'll go back and do it again.  Didn't even press redial.  Which I could do of course.  Once I heard that guy's voice I said 'that's it, she'll be back.'"  Then he said "waaaaahhhhh"

But Hanks’ votes didn’t help Haley.  She was voted off the show and this week’s finale tonight night will feature young country stars Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

Can you imagine how thrilled Haley must be to know that Tom Hanks voted for her?

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