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Is Patrick Dempsey's Hair Behind The Success of Grey's Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy Star Dr. McDreamy (Dr. Derek Shepherd) was recently on Ellen chatting about the upcoming 8th Season of Grey's Anatomy which starts shooting on July 15th, his crazy hairstyle seen in the current issue of InStyle Magazine and his hair as the success of Grey's Anatomy.

Patrick, whose hair definitely has some prominent gray streaks looked very relaxed and rested.  He told Ellen he is "on vacation" right now and just kicking back.

Ellen showed the audience a photo of Patrick with his hair all messed up which appears in InStyle Magazine's June issue.  Ellen told Patrick "I actually love your hair like that (all messed up).  Patrick laughed "it's much easier to keep it like that."

Ellen "what's the concept there?"  Patrick "just not to have it coiffed and perfect, but just messed up and crazy and took the picture." Ellen said "I heard that Entertainment Weekly said that your hair is sorta what makes Grey's Anatomy.  Did you read that?"

Patrick said "yes I did.  I saw that."  Ellen "what do they mean by that?"

Patrick laughed "its the success of the show is my hair, nothing else, nobody else."  Ellen said "nothing else? Not the writers, nothing else?"  Patrick said "no, just the hair. It's a silent hair show."

Ellen "well you do have good hair."  Patrick "thank you very much."

Ellen continued "and speaking of hair, the reason you met your wife or you're with your wife is because she used to cut your hair.  Is that right?"  Patrick "yes, I went in to get my hair cut and she owned the salon at the time called Deluxe in Hollywood.  I went in, I looked at her and I knew I was going to marry her.  Yes"

Ellen "did she actually cut your hair?"  Patrick "I don't remember the haircut at all quite honestly.  But it was several years later we finally wound up going out on a date.  It's been 12 years now that we've been married."

Ellen asked why it took so long for them to go out on a date?  Patrick explained "we were both in different relationships.  So I kept going back every three months and flirting a little bit each time."  Ellen teased him about it taking so long between haircuts and Patrick explained that his hair was relatively long at the time.

Patrick's wife still cuts his hair and she can tell if anyone else touches his hair.  He said that when he comes home if his hair has been cut by someone else she clocks him.  He said that if for example someone on Grey's cuts his hair for continuity of a scene his wife instantly sees that it's been cut and points out where.

Patrick said that when someone else cuts his hair it's like having an affair or cheating on her with his hair.  So he doesn't like to let anyone else cut his hair.

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