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Lil Jon Shows Off Locked Hairstyle & Shares Celebrity Apprentice Secrets

Lil Jon, aka Jonathan Mortimer Smith was on Ellen's show on Friday afternoon to show off his famous long locked hairstyle and shares some secrets about "The Celebrity Apprentice."

The American rapper, crunkstar, music producer, entrepreneur and DJ who Ellen pointed out "may be one the most laid back contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice"  is definitely one of the coolest contestants.

Ellen showed a clip of Lil Jon on the NBC reality show drinking a glass of wine and kicking back.

Lil Jon danced out onto Ellen's stage wearing his trademark shades, a baseball style cap, a white tee and faded jeans.  He told Ellen to call him "whatever you want". When asked by Ellen what people call him he said "Yeah" and then he said "you can just call me Jon."

Ellen who danced to Lil Jon song on So You Think You Can Dance said she felt she really knew the rapper from dancing to his song so much. Ellen pointed out Jon's 13 year old son who is now following in his dad's path.  Jon said now his son is "doing parties (DJ) all over Hollywood."

Jon, who is in the Final Four on Celebrity Apprentice agreed with Ellen that everyone underestimated him going into the finals.  He had a good explanation for people thinking he wouldn't last on the cutthroat show.  He explained to Ellen "it's crazy for me.  Speaking of my son, before I went on the show my wife and son said 'you better not come home the first two weeks.'"

Lil Jon said "going into the show and being around different cast members and one day we had a Press Day.  And it was the first time we were all together.  And I think I had been DJing the night before or something and I was tired.  So we had a two hour break and I was asleep, knocked out for two hours and they were all looking at me saying 'he's gonna be out of here in a week or two.  Definitely."

Although Lil Jon agreed that the lady's team was crazy he pointed out that "we had Gary Busey though" when talking about how cohesive and tight the men's team had been.  The rapper said "and Gary's a good guy, but Gary...when you're under a lot of pressure and a certain amount of time to complete these tasks and he'll be, like I said on the show, in outer space somewhere.  He's on the moon."

Ellen told Lil Jon some of the faces he made in response to Gary's actions were priceless and hilarious.

How did Lil Jon make it into the Final Four?  He confessed to Ellen that he and John Rich had a secret alliance going into the season that no one knew about.  The celeb DJ explained "John called me to tell me he was on the show and left me a message.  I called him back and was like 'man I'm on the show too.'"

Jon suggested to John Rich that "we should act like we knew each other that well and then we could have each other's back because he's like my boy.  I've known him for like six years."

How did the two guys know each other?  Lil Jon said John Rich was "a fan of my music and one of my songs he loved to death and so he reached out."  He noted that "they play hip hop in the country clubs and they'll take a little part of the night and they'll play some hip hop songs."

At that point Ellen reached over and moved some of Lil Jon's locks which were rubbing across the microphone and causing some static. She told him "I have to move your hair it's hitting the mike."

Lil Jon said they met and became good friends through music and they agreed to form a secret alliance to have each other's back and to to the finals together.

The rap star said that sometimes when the cast was all together in the same room the two of them would purposely be on opposite sides and "no one had a clue" that they were checking everything out to help each other.  He said "and it was the country guy and the hip hop and you know they don't know each other.  But we did."  Lil Jon laughed.

The talk show hostess teased Lil Jon about giving him a little gift.  The gift?  A huge chalice style drinking cup for his use "at home only."

Ellen also showed a nerdy photo of Lil Jon in a graduation pose from high school.  Ellen said "look at how cool he is" now and look at him in high school"

Lil Jon promised "he was cool in high school" just "that was just a bad day, a bad day."  He told her that she even had his son laughing at his photo and that was "wrong, just wrong."

Why did Lil Jon do Celebrity Apprentice?  He said it was to raise money for his charity - United Methodist Children's Home to help them out and also to "shatter the stereotype of rappers."

He noted "You get images of rappers going to jail and doing all this crazy stuff.  You think people are not able to do business properly and be able to compete on a high level.  I wanted to show people that we are very intelligent and we can compete and we're smart."

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