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Get Your Hair Ready For Summer

Although Summer isn't officially here, it's never too early to formulate a plan to protect your tresses from the heat, humidity and loss of hydration the Season brings.

Consider adopting some of the steps below to retain moisture and prevent Summer related damage:

1.  Turn down the temperature in your shower.  Lukewarm or slightly cooler water is ideal for minimizing the potential of striping natural oils from the hair shaft.

When time is on your side before cleansing your hair consider filling clean gallon jugs with lukewarm water and let them sit for an hour or so before using.  Fill a separate clean jug with cool or cold water for your final rinse.

2.  Cleanse less often than normal.  Whether you utilize a moisture infusing Conditioner Only (C0-Wash) or a full strength shampoo cleanse, space out the time in-between cleansing to minimize the drying effect of over washing and the loss of natural oils.  It's best to only shampoo 1-2 times a week.  If you can do so less frequently it's even better for your hair, especially during Summertime.

Keep in mind that Co-Washing is the most moisturizing method of cleansing. If Co-Washing isn't your cup of tea experiment with Diluted Shampoo (DS), Water Only (WO) or a Low Poo formulation.

3. Moisturize from the inside out by staying hydrated and drinking lots of water.  Minimize your consumption of alcohol which may be dehydrating to your skin and hair.  Make sure to amp up your consumption of water based fruits and remember to take skin and hair healthy vitamins.

4. Follow a regular conditioning regime which may consist of pre-conditioning, rinse-out conditioning, deep conditioning or leave-in conditioning treatments.  If your hair starts to exhibit excessive dryness or related Summer damage increase the frequency or intensity of your program.

5.  If your hair needs moisture throughout the day then fill a clean spritzer bottle full of water mixed with a drop or two of your favorite leave-in or rinse out conditioner, jojoba oil, Aloe Vera Gel, honey or glycerin.  Spritz hair as needed.  If you prefer select a professional product designed to rehydrate hair through the day.

6.  Avoid hot tools such as blow dryers, irons and hot rollers like the plague.  Since heat is a major cause of dehydration and potential damage to the hair allow hair to air-dry whenever possible.

7.  If your hair is long enough opt for wet bunning to keep moisture on the hair and the ends tucked in.  If wet bunning isn't ideal for you then at the very least allow hair to air dry.

8.  Keep hair covered whenever possible.  When out in the Sun or the heat warp hair in a beautiful airy scarf or pop on a hat.

9.  Utilize hair care products which contain sunscreen to protect delicate strands and scalp.

Careful planning and use of the right products and procedures can protect your hair from Summer damage.  Remember, once hair is damaged it may not be as easy to recover from the damage as it is to prevent it in the first place.

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