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Deconstructed Long Lush Hair Texture

Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty and Master Associate Maureen McCarthy worked together to create this airy deconstructed long lush texture enriched hairstyle.

Doughty suggested anyone wanting to recreate this hairstyle "try mixing textures such as curls with straighter ends or straighter with curled ends.

Step By Step How To

This sassy hairstyle can be created on second day hair or on newly cleansed hair which has been prepped with a leave-in styling cocktail and blow dried straight.  Doughty and McCarthy provided the detailed steps of how to recreate this deconstructed long lush hair texture style:

1.  Apply Paul Mitchell Quick Slip™ to damp hair to smooth and add some texture. Part hair in center.

2.  Divide hair into 1-inch wide vertical sections. Spray Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight™ finishing spray on each section to prep.

3.  Curl each section with Paul Mitchell Express Ion Curl™ 1.0 curling iron, starting on the nape.

4.  Leave the ends out while curling the hair while working way up to the top.

5.  Allow to cool before brushing through with Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush and fingers to loosen up the curl.

6.  Spray with more Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight™ finishing spray to the ends and gently smooth with the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style® 1.0.

7.  To finish, back-brush with your Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush to give more air and movement to the texture.

8.  Apply a small amount of Paul Mitchell Dry.

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