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Bristol Palin New Hair And Beauty Icon?

If you thought you knew Bristol Palin from her spin on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) or other public appearances think gain.

The always controversial 20-year-old daughter of former Alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin debuted a shocking new look when she attended the Candie's Foundation benefit gala in New York on Tuesday, May 3rd.

(Bristol Palin in New York on May 3rd to the left and in Los Angeles in November 2010 for DWTS 200th episode below)

Besides having much longer, fuller and lusher chocolate cherry tresses, Bristol's nose and face appear to have received some attention from a plastic surgeon.  She also appears trimmer then when she appeared on DWTS last season.

According to New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman M. Rowe, the young ambassador for abstinence appears to have had some work done.

"The tip of her nose is smaller and more feminine," Rowe told the Daily News. "This gives a less bulbous look that was present before. The bridge of the nose also appears lower. It's not as wide as it previously appeared."

Palin's formerly round face now looks much slimmer and heart-shaped, with her jawline and cheekbones appearing more defined compared to how she looked six months ago.

Rowe believes Palin also had some work done on her chin.   He told the News  "Many times a chin implant and a rhinoplasty are performed together to change the entire appearance of the face."

He noted "I don't see any evidence of fillers and Botox although its not uncommon for someone in their 20's to begin to use them."

Since her time in the spotlight on DWTS there have been some speculations that Palin might pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  If so, she would definitely want to put her best foot forward and might invest in hair extensions, plastic surgery, diet, exercise and a complete fashion make-up.

Will Bristol morph into a new hair, beauty and fashion icon before our very eyes?

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