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Curly Haired Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin Chasing Cash From Fame?

According to an article on Yahoo News today the baby daddy and former finance of Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol, has given his own version of why Sarah Palin resigned from her post as Governor of Alaska.

(Image of Curly Haired Levi Johnson at 9-3-08 - Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota - HBM Media - All Rights Reserved).

Ironically when asked if Levi Johnston would have voted for Sarah if she ran for president, Levi said: "I think she's a great lady, but after seeing what she did now, you know, leaving Alaska, I would have to say, 'no.' Obviously she's stressed out as governor. I mean moving up to the vice president or president is huge. I just don't think anymore that she's cut out for the job."

Whether you like or dislike him, you might have to admit Levi is as smart as he is handsome.

Did you see the gorgeous head of curls on that guy?  No wonder Bristol fell for him.  Not that I'm speaking to his character or lifestyle.  I don't know much about Levi except what I've read.  But I can see that great head of hair from his photos.

The key point that I noted in the Yahoo News story that made me think Levi was smart was that he gave the interview about Sarah in the presence of his attorney.  That was definitely a wise move to prevent any future legal problems from what he said or didn't say.

Also, Levi speculated why he thought Sarah had resigned.  He said it was to cash in on all her current fame with book, reality TV and other lucrative deals.  Why not?  In actuality if that's Sarah's reason, it makes a lot of sense.  Those 15 minutes of fame don't always last much longer than 15 minutes.

Striking while the iron's still hot is generally a good idea.  If Sarah wants to reel in the best deals for books and other appearances the further she gets from the 2008 election the more chance that some other media darling will step in and take her place.

Don't get me wrong.  I am neither for or against Sarah Palin.  I'm just interested in news and she has definitely been in the forefront for the past several months.  Plus Levi has that great head of hair to look at.  Right?

Will we really see Sarah in a reality TV show?  That part fascinated me the most.  After all, anything is possible in the world of reality TV.

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