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Alison Sweeney's Big Hair Surprise

One of Ellen Degeneres' favorite guests is Alison Sweeney who hosts NBC's The Biggest Loser.  On a recent show Ellen surprised Alison with a blast from the past - a photo of the lovely Alison from back in the mid-1990s.

Ellen has a regular segment on her show called Bad Paid For Photos where viewers send in horrible photos they paid to have made.  On the episode where Alison was a guest Ellen had two Bad Photo visitors who showed off horrible hairstyles from the past.

Ellen decided to surprise Alison with her very own Bad Paid For Photo.  The talk show host unveiled a huge blown up photo of Alison.  She told Alison "We have one Bad Paid For Photo.  Usually people bring them and show us, but you don't know what this is.  We found it.  So it's of you."

Alison said "I think (the photo) it was from 1995 from what I was told. They said they found it.  I haven't seen it. So I so excited and horrified all at the same time."

Ellen unveiled the photo and Alison laughed hysterically.  In the photo Alison's hair was very long, very curly and had a huge mound of hair around the sides and along the top of her head from the hairline to the crown.  Alison exclaimed "oh my god!"

She told Ellen the photo was from "Soap Opera Digest.  The cover of Soap Opera Digest from about 1995-1996.  I was a bad girl (on the soap)."  Alison gestured to the tall hair and exclaimed at how tall the hair was.  She said "I think the hair is (so tall) it's the same size as my (entire) face."

It was quite a surprise and very funny to see how big Alison's hair was during her bad girl days in the soap world.

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