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Kelly Clarkson Would Do Idol All Over Again

Kelly Clarkson recently opened The Ellen Degeneres Show with her hit "Since You've Been Gone" and then came back at the end of the show and performed another song.  She also stopped by in her orange top with her lighter blonde hair to chat with Ellen.

(Image of Kelly Clarkson at 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards - Salute To Icons: Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala, Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA USA February 7, 2009 HBM Media).

The talk show hostess introduced Kelly as "the incredibly talented Kelly Clarkson...and you know...thanks for opening the show with "Since You've Been Gone.  You know we play that all the time here.  All the time."  The audience whooped, applauded and whistled at the mention of the song.

Kelly said "I know, we, me and my record singers watch it all the time.  It's hilarious cause you play the songs and the people sing along...the guy was my favorite (referring to one audience member who sang it horribly but hilariously) that was doing "Since You've Been Gone"  He was so awful."

Ellen said "Just about.....everyone thinks they know the words, I think I was singing along to you and Portia didn't know any of the words, we'll make sure we play that back one day.  Lets take a look at what we're talking about..people in the audience......Ellen then played a clip of the audience members singing and the man that Kelly was referring to as being "so awful".

(Image of Kelly Clarkson - Z100's Zootopia 2009 Arrivals - 5/16/09 - HBM Media - All Rights Reserved).

After the clip Kelly was laughing and said "that's awesome.  He's unsure the whole time" and then Kelly did a take-off of the guy singing into the mike...sinccceeee he'ssss beeeennnnn gonneee lalalala."  It was funny watching her imitation of the man doing her song.  Hilarious!.

Ellen said "if they think they're even close to the lyrics, they get louder."  Kelly "I know, yeah and you're like Ohhhhh".  Kelly said "but just keeping doing it, its fun."  Ellen said he's fantastic, we contacted him, and he's a sweet man and he didn't mind."  Kelly "that's awesome, it's awesome that he's that brave."  Ellen agreed "yeah"  Kelly said "most guys are like nooooooo".

Ellen said "noo, there's many many people, there's a whole compilation table of people of everybody that's tried it."  Kelly said "oh my god, that's awesome"  Ellen said "you'd love that"  Kelly "yeah I loved watching it when we watching it on TV.  I mean, we were dying."

(Kelly Clarkson at the Nickleodeon's 16th Annual Kids Choice Awards 2003 Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA April 12, 2003 - HBM Media)

Ellen said "now when you are on stage do you see people trying to sing along, does that mess you up if they don't have the right words and you're trying to..

Kelly said " does and I'm already like, ever since childhood when I first started I did like musical dinner theater and stuff, I'm like, I'm the Improv Queen.  I'm definitely going to forget something so I have to Improv, I'll just have to make up lyrics and so especially when I'm watching people I'm like ....ohhhh you're not singing the right words, where are I on the 3rd verse or what.  Soooo I freak out.  There's a whole website dedicated to my bloopers."

Ellen "oh really?"  Kelly "yessss"  Ellen "Well I'd like to see that. Kelly "the fans are really nice...yeah there's a whole site."

Ellen "now how do you feel, you're hugely popular, and Idol has changed so much, would you go back and do it again, right now?

Kelly "definitely, no definitely.  What's funny is that people always ask me about it still and it's that show that actually has the artist development kinda thing.  We don't have that anymore.  Because labels are so scared right now.  And for go reason...the money thing. So, but yeah, American Idol is really good at the whole artist development thing.  You get to see people sing different genres and I think it's cool, I like picking who I'm gonna buy you know what I'm saying...I like picking the artists I want to chose an album from.  Soooooo."

Ellen said that's smart and "did you get to meet them when you were performing recently?"  Kelly said "yeah, I loved the chick with the tattoos.  I loved her artwork, I loved the bedheaded one...she real soulful and real young?"  Ellen said "Alison" and Kelly said "yeah.  Ellen said "Alison, I was surprised she went home to early.  It was really tough, this was a tough year.  A lot of really good ones."

Kelly said "it's one of those shows where you think the person's safe and they're really not. Because in my season it was like whooooaaaa, Whitney Houston just got kicked off.  I mean like...she's got this gorgeous voice and she's beautiful and one of the things people thought" she was safe so they didn't worry about her, so they didn't vote for her "but they were very concerned about me so they kept voting."  Kelly laughed.

(Image of Kelly Clarkson at the American Idol Gand Finale Kodak Theater, Hollywood, CA May 26, 2004 - KMS Media All Rights Reserved).

Kelly and Ellen both laughed and Ellen said "well, we're very glad that they did.  Very glad." Kelly said "me too".

Ellen said "let's talk about this ranch.  You have a ranch in Texas?"  Kelly said "I do, it's not really that ranchy but its a ranch, but I do I have...I love the countryside, but I'm not John Wayne or anything like that.  But yeah, you know, I have like ten horses right now, four of them are cute."

Ellen said "yeah they're adorable, those little horses."  Kelly continued "and my dogs, I have ten dogs."  Ellen showed photos of Kelly's various dogs and Kelly gave a running commentary on the dogs and their personalities.   Kelly said "that's Pegasus, that's one of the normal ones. Don't worry, I don't say that to them, I don't hurt their feelings."

(Photo May 14, 2005 Kelly Clarkson performs during KIIS's Wango Tango 2005. Anaheim, CA.- KMS Media - All Rights Reserved).

Kelly also showed her dogs.  She talked about Chuck who Kelly said "barks all night long.  He's so confused.  He's not all there, so he runs into things."

Kelly also said she had one cat and she vowed not to get a cat because all of her animals are "outside" and she "loves antiques" but she adopted her cat because "she was about to be put to sleep" and so she goes to the pound and rescues animals that are about to be put to sleep and this cat was on the list so she adopted her.

Kelly said who ever owned this cat before she did, the cat is "obesity at it's finest.  She's over 20 pounds and she loves sleeping on my chest.  Which is really hard to do, trying to breathe, but she's really cute and she's a lovable cat and her name's Jeepers ...."  Ellen asked "is she trying to kill you?"  Kelly laughed and said "I know, but she's so sweet, she's my first cat."

Kelly said "she grew up with cats but they get fur everywhere."  Kelly and Ellen discussed the fact that they both loved cats and donated to No Kill Shelters because they hated to see cats put to sleep.  Ellen also said that Kelly's latest CD is now in store.

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