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Eric Stonestreet Of ABC's Modern Family's Expensive Haircut Got Trashed In Orlando

Actor Eric Stonestreet who plays the lovable Cameron on ABC's Modern Family stopped by to see Ellen in Orlando at Universal Park.

Ellen likes to take her show on the road and being a huge roller coaster enthusiast, what better place to go than to Orlando where some of the best rides in the world exist?  This season is Ellen's fifth year visiting Universal.

Eric arrived on Ellen's big outdoor stage wearing shades to protect against the blistering Florida sunshine and a full tan suit complete with a striped long sleeve shirt.

He danced out onto the stage and waved at all the fans.  Ellen teased him about his long sleeve jacket and shirt by saving "I see you dressed for Florida weather."  The actor agreed "yes, yes, yes, just shy of flannel."

Ellen noted "you look really handsome but you have to be really hot."  Eric "um, I'm sweltering underneath."  Eric then shared about the rides he rode on and said "oh my gosh aren't the rides here incredible?"

Riding The Rip Rocket Roller Coaster

Eric told Ellen that he was a "roller coaster enthusiast as a young man" and was excited to try out some of the roller coasters at the Orlando Universal park.

However, his experience on the roller coaster were definitely more than he bargained for.  When sharing about the rides he was on, he told Ellen and the audience "we get onto Rip Rocket Roller Coaster and we do it and I'm like 'Oh my god, oh you have got to be kidding me' and so we get back to the station and they're like 'OK do you want to go again' and we're like 'oh, we've got to get lunch actually.' oh my god I couldn't do that twice in a row."

But he did admit, even though he didn't want to go more than once that he had an "absolute blast" riding the Rip Rocket.

Ripsaw Falls - Getting Haircut Trashed

After surviving the rollers coaster Eric said he went on a water ride - Ripsaw Falls.  He noted "I have a very expensive hairdo and I didn't want to get it wet so we put on ponchos.  So we're coming down the hill, we didn't get too soaked, it was too bad.  We turned this corner, unbeknownst to me, you can squirt people from up above.  You put a quarter in and you squirt people.  I literally take my hood off (protecting my hair) and I literally get pelted in the side of my face. And a little girl goes, and I'm not kidding you, 'you're welcome.' Unbelievable.  So they squirted the wrong guy."

So much for keeping his expensive hair cut dry.

Eric who loves to play a clown on Modern Family was actually a clown in real life.  He and Ellen did a clown contest and both raced to transform two show volunteers into clowns.   Of course Ellen won.

The Ultimate Dunking

Ellen ended her show by quizzing Eric Stonestreet and pushing him into the drink.  By the end of Ellen's show Eric's expensive haircut had taking a major beating in Orlando at The Universal Resort.

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