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Hair How To: Jane Lynch's Edgy Shag

Get Jane Lynch’s Perfect Shag\n

Nobody out there is rocking the modern shag better than Glee’s Jane Lynch. She definitely made waves when she debuted it on Fox\/TV’s popular show.\n

Since she first appeared on Glee she has fine tuned her buttery blonde tresses into a perfectly textured cut ideal for her role as Coach Sue Sylvester.\n

Her portrayal of the track suit clad Coach has won her .\u00a0 On the Red Carpets she has shown slightly longer versions or her signature off-the-face shag.\n

Spring 2011 Version Of The Shag\n

The key to Jane’s iconic look is a precision haircut combined with the proper hair styling products designed to create a perfect finish.\n

The Today Show recently reported that for Spring 2011 the shag is back in a big way.\u00a0 The key difference between old versions of the shags and the current version is longer layers around the hairline and in the front.\u00a0 Old versions of the shag by comparison had shorter layers in front and shorter in the back.\n

Jane’s shag features longer layers around the hairline with shorter layers in back.\u00a0 The current new shag can be worn very short, medium like Jane or even longer.\u00a0 The key is to keep layers longer in the front and on top of the head with shorter layers at the back.\n

The new shags have more weight around the perimeter and sink in the nape area enhancing head shape.\u00a0 It can be work with or without a fringe and with a wide range of parts.\u00a0 Jane wears her shag with a short side part and a hint of a side swept fringe.\n

Hair How To:\u00a0 Styling Jane’s Medium Length Shag\n


Follow the steps below to style Jane’s precision cut medium length shag:\n

1.\u00a0 Cleanse hair in lukewarm water with appropriate products.\u00a0 Use products designed to address your hair’s needs including current condition, type and texture.\u00a0 If your hair is chemically colored or treated be sure to use products to provide TLC.
\n2.\u00a0 Rinse well and finish with a cool or cold water rinse to encourage shine and shimmer.
\n3.\u00a0 Towel blot to remove excess water.
4.\u00a0 Apply a volumizing spray or lift product to the roots.\u00a0 Shags look best with lots of volume at the roots and the base.
\n5.\u00a0 Mix a product cocktail with a leave-in conditioner, bodifying cream mousse or texture enhancing spray.\u00a0 Mix with equal parts of spray gel or similar.\u00a0
\n6.\u00a0 Apply to the palms of the hands and mix well to activate.\u00a0
\n7.\u00a0 Distribute styling cocktail to your damp strands from the mid-shaft to the ends using your fingers.\u00a0
\n8.\u00a0 For a more finished look use a blow dryer and a round brush to style.
\n9.\u00a0 Use fingers to lift individual layers and direct air flow up the hair shaft from the ends to the roots.
\n10.\u00a0 For a more tousled look use fingers to pick through tresses while blow drying.\u00a0 If you prefer you can let hair air dry.\n

For a more finished look use either a flat or curling iron around the perimeter to straighten or add texture.\u00a0 Optionally you can finish with a light spritz of styling spray.\u00a0 You may also wish to apply one or two drops of shine serum to the palms of your hands and massage together.\u00a0 Swipe the palms of your hands over the top of your hair.\u00a0 Remember a little bit goes a long way.\n

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