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Hair How To - Part Your Hair In Different Ways For Instant Hairstyle Change

Gwyneth Paltrow With Side-Swept Fringe

Gwyneth Paltrow With Side-Swept Fringe

Hair How To - Part Your Hair In Different Ways For Instant Hairstyle Change

Although subtle, parting your hair in different ways can instantly change up your hairstyle.

While there are variations to any type of part, the most popular parts include:

1.  Side Part - Left or Right Side

2.  Middle Part - Straight Down The Middle

3.  Deep Side Part - Left or Right

4.  No Part

5.  Random or Combo Parts

6.  Zig Zag Parts

7.  Precision Parts

8.  Messy Parts

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow who has seen a major resurgence in her popularity due to her guest role on Fox/TV's Glee provides great visual examples of different hair parts.

To the left (above) she wears a side part that is slightly messy, but extends from her hairline to the back of her head at the crown. To the right (above) she wears a deep side part which is  more precise, but pulls a large section of hair from the top of her head and directs it over to one side of her head.

Although a simple styling change, it makes a difference in her appearance.  One looks more formal, the other more casual.

The Difference Between A Side Part And A Deep Side Part

Gwyneth Paltrow With Center Part

Gwyneth Paltrow With Center Part And Crown Bump

Generally speaking a side part is just a few inches over from where a middle part would be while a deep side part extends to the point where it is halfway between the middle part and the top of the nearest ear lobe.

No Right Or Wrong Parts

In past hair eras parts were considered inappropriate if they weren't perfectly created and were messy, tousled or disheveled.

This is no longer the case with parts being created from a wide range of viewpoints.

The long tail of a comb or the end of a regular comb were often used as the tool to create picture perfect parts but fingers and brushes are now also utilized as options for crafting parts.

Parts And Face Shapes

Gwyneth Paltrow seems to prefer to wear her hair with a variety of obvious parts regardless of the length, color or texture of her hair.  Parts look good on Gwyneth because she has a combination face shape which is oval and square.

Gwyneth Paltrow With Uneven Center Part

Gwyneth Paltrow With No Part And Top Knot

She also has a well-defined chin which is not as pointed as someone with a heart shape face.   It's interesting to note how Gwyneth's face shape seems to change based on how she parts her hair along with the length and texture she selects.

While there also used to be definite rules about face shape and which type of parts should be incorporated, there are no longer any rules to follow.

The current thinking amongst hair experts is that everyone should wear their hair in whatever way they feel most comfortable and attractive.

However, it's still true that some types of parts will minimize certain face shape attributes and other will magnify them.

Case in point?  When Gwyneth wears her hair with a center part (as shown) combined with long straight face hugging strands the look definitely gives her face more of an oval appearance than square.

However, when she combines a center part, but pulls her hair off her face (as shown) her face definitely looks much more square shaped.

How To Decide The Best Hair Part For You

Gwyneth Paltrow With Off Center Part

Gwyneth Paltrow With Soft Center Part

When it comes to deciding the best hair part for you first decide what your ultimate hair goals are.

Consider the following questions:

Do you want to wear a part with or without a fringe?  Do you color or chemically relax or straighten your hair?  Are you slowly going gray?

Picture perfect bangs also show regrowth lines.  While the Ombré look of darker roots and lighter lengths are popular now, some people are uncomfortable showing root regrowth.

Although there are a wide range of products available to help camouflage roots, a strong part line will make regrowth much more obvious.

Parts Can Be A Lifetime Habit Which Is Hard To Break

Some people part, or don't part, their hair in a certain direction their entire life.  Others change their parts on a constant basis, like Gwyneth.

Gwyneth Paltrow With No Part And Pony On Glee - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved

Gwyneth Paltrow With Off-center Part

Keep in mind that the famous blonde actress, singer and chef does have some of the very best hair colorists and stylists on her speed dial.  With all that celebrity hair power at her disposal she has a lot of potential help deciding what part looks best for her.

If you look back through the years at her array of hairstyles you might notice that Gwyneth seems to prefer a center part, which she wore at the 2010 Stand Up For Cancer telethon.  She combined her center parts with an array of textures ranging from bone straight strands to beachy waves.

Did Gwyneth do her hair herself that day and go with a standby center part?   And if you were her stylist what part would you recommend she wear?


The good news about parting your hair?  Ultimately you get to decide what is the best part for you and the hair look you wish to showcase.

When it comes to changing up her parts Gwyneth always offers lots of inspiration.

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