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Kris Jenner Spills Kardashian Family Secrets To Kathie Lee Gifford

Kris Jenner was the guest co-hostess with Kathie Lee Gifford on Friday's Today Show (March 25, 2011).   It turns out Kathie Lee and the mom to the Kardashian Family go way back, "135 years" according to Kris, but "minus 100 years" for approximately 30 years as "long term friends."

Kris who was sitting in for the absent Hoda Kotb spilled a few Kardashian secrets including "the first time" she met Kathie Lee her name was "Kathie Lee Johnson.  That's how far back we go."

The TV reality mom confirmed The Kardashians are in their fifth season on E!", but the reason Kris decided to do a reality show in the first place was because Kathie Lee suggested it in the first place.  Kris chided Kathie Lee "You"  and pointed to her.  "It's her fault.  She was the one who said 'you need to do a reality TV show.' And then of course we go out and get a reality show and she says 'why are you doing a reality show?"  Kris sounded exasperated "I can't win with her.  I'm just doing everything you taught me."

Kathie Lee explained "I'm glad you're happy and so successful at it (the reality show) but you guys are out there on a limb half the time."  Kris agreed "we are out on a limb".  Kathie Lee "at first I was concerned because I am the godmother to your two littlest girls."

Yes, it's true.  Kathie Lee is not only the godmother to Kendall and Kylie, Kris explained that the other Kardashian kids "go jealous and dibbed her, fighting over her as godmother."  Now Kathie Lee acts as "the adopted godmother" to the entire clan.  Kris agreed Kathie Lee is "my fairy godmother."

While Kris spilled a ton of Kardashian family secrets Kathie noted that the two of them "have secrets.  You know how we've stayed friends for a long, long time?  We have secrets."  Kris agreed "and I'm writing a book soon so you better be nice to me Missy."

Kathie Lee agreed "you do have some skeletons.  You know where everything's buried."  Kris agreed "especially in your back yard."   Apparently Kris has a memory that never quits.  Kathie Lee said about Kris "and she doesn't forget a dang gum thing either."

When referring to her husband Bruce Jenner with Kathie Lee, Kris agreed that he was "the male Elizabeth Taylor" in discussing his many marriages.

Other Kardashian secrets Kris spilled during her time with Kathie Lee included:

1.  When she's trying to "talk" her kids "into getting married.  I'm like 'I throw a great party.  Let's go, come on.'"

2.  Entertaining is something Kris really loves.  She admitted "I have fun".

3.  Kris and Kathie Lee really got close after Kris married Bruce Jenner.

4.  Kris used to go to work with Kathie Lee "at your other (morning show) job when Kris would stay with Kathie Lee.

5.  When referring to the Hollywood Reporter article about Kardashian Inc., Kris said "well it's a lot of work and I wear

a lot of hats.  But the favorite (hat) I always wear is still mom.  It's my pride and joy."

6.  When asked who her problem child was, Kris avoided the answer but said "every day I have a new favorite."

7.  Kris left Robert Kardashian sitting high and dry in LA after an emergency appendectomy and felt bad about leaving him.

8.  Robert Kardashian graduated from USC and Frank Gifford wrote him recommendation letters.

9.   Kris adores Khloe's husband Lamar "I'm in love with him, he's the most delicious person I have ever met.

10.  The new series with Khloe and Lamar "shows a new side of Lamar you've never seen before."

11.  About Khloe and Lamar's marriage planned in 9 days "who knew it could work out so well?"  Lamar "is so in love with Khloe and she's so in love with him."

12.  Kendall is "modeling like crazy" and is in New York to do a big fashion shoot and having fun with Kris and Kim.

13.  Kim is mentoring Kendall and has "taken her under her wing and showing her great designers like Zac Posen and of course, Vera Wang."

14.  Kylie is so cute and doing really well in school which is what Kris "cares about right now." 

15.  Kathie Lee remembered a major tantrum Kylie had in Disneyworld that 'wasn't pretty" and although Kris agreed Kylie was "the problem child for awhile" she's "growing up, maturing and coming around."

16.  Her dream in high school was to have six kids.  My greatest joy is being a mom.  Had I known I was going to get 10% (from management commissions) I would have had 5 more kids. I love being a mom.

Finally, Kris confessed she "has tattoos on her lower back with the names Kendall and Kylie" but not Bruce Jenner.  Why?  Because Kendall and Kylie "They're going to be with me forever." And Bruce?  Who knows, right?

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