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Katherine Heigl Chops Off Long Hair And Goes Platinum Blonde

There must be something in the celebrity water supply.  As reported by People Magazine, actress Katherine Heigl has followed the recent lead of Kate Winslet and Ashlee Simpson and had all of her hair cut off and bleached white white blonde.

Heigl was initially photographed while out in Los Angeles on Thursday.  She was also photographed out to dinner with her husband and her new cut was coiffed in an array of loose curls.

The big question is why did Katherine go to such a drastic short hairstyle?   Is it because of a new film role or is it because she likes the new short hair trend?  Or maybe it's easier to take care of now that she's busy being a mom.

Meanwhile supposedly Heigl and Modern Family cutie Sofia Vergara are supposedly not getting along on the set of New Year's Eve.  According to STAR, insiders say there so much tension between the two start they are completely ignoring each other.

Word is that Katherine complains about "having to stand outside in the cold for long periods of time" and Sofia is supposedly fed up with it.

Katie, as her friends call her, continues to be difficult.  In November she withdrew her commitment to the movie Adaline.  She used the same excuse that she used for walking away from Grey's Anatomy.  She said she's a new mom who doesn't want to work right now although she did accept the recent role in New Year's Eve.   Supposedly she was initially hired to replace Halle Berry who was embroiled in a custody battle over her daughter.

In a statement released by one of the producers of the Adaline, they insist that everyone at the studio is still "great fans of hers and if this is what she has to do, we respect that."

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