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Bethenny Frankel Says Her Life Isn't Always Pretty But It's The Truth

Bethenny Ever After is the second season of the inside happenings in the life of former Real Housewives Of New York (RHNY), Bethenny Frankel.

Bethenny, looking smashing in a short fitted red dress with her chocolate brunette tresses worn long and lush, was recently on NBC's Today show talking about her second season on Bravo/TV which is a sister network to NBC.

In the first season Bethenny was shown tackling pregnancy, planning a wedding, getting married, having a baby and continuing to build her successful career.

Towards the end of the first season the newly married reality star had her water break on the air, she went into labor and then audience witnessed the events leading up to the birth of her baby daughter Bryn, named after her husband's deceased brother.

Bravo's Bethenny Ever After tackles the ongoing real life issues of juggling marriage, motherhood and a career.

When asked how she was going to top the crazy happenings in her first season the frank reality star said "I am the queen of two information.  Bethany said "this seasons more about the texture, really about the first year of marriage. I mean the first year marriage with with my career really kind of exploding, and trying to finish my book. And raise the baby. And be a good wife and the truth is? It isn't always pretty but I'm letting people under the hood and you may not always like what I do but it's always going to be the truth."

Bethany said the second season " is going to be fun. I turn 40, I have a sort of low grade breakdown on that day and I mean, yeah, low grade.  I don't love birthdays and I didn't want that kind of big attention around my 40th, but it happened – and it's there for the world to see so. I'm really proud of the show because it's not a guilty pleasure. I think it's a just a pleasure."

NBC's Al Roker asked" how's motherhood?"

Bethany said?" Bryn is just about 10-months old.  I love it (motherhood) so much she's now standing up all of a sudden she turned into a person. I mean it's just amazing how they're really so interactive and so involved than. I love her so much she's the sweetest thing in the entire world.  We hit the baby lottery.  And we appreciate it because were older so I think every single thing is the biggest deal.  And we're making (the most of) every moment of it. I spend all the time the world that I can with her."

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