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How To Copy Ashlee Simpson's Platinum Blonde Short Cropped Hairstyle

One thing is definitely true about singer, songwriter and reality star, Ashlee Simpson.  She is a hair pioneer.  Throughout her career she has set trends with her drastic hair hue changes, lengths, styles and individuality.  When it comes to changing her hair Ashlee has no fear.  She appears willing to take on new strand challenges with complete confidence.

Yes, Ashlee has some of the best hair colorists, cutters and stylists at her fingertips, but Ashlee is a strong minded person who makes her own decisions about her image, her hair and her life.  That has been obvious since she burst out from underneath her sister's shadow with her own reality show as she launched her own singing career to adoring fans.

Although Ashlee settled into a long red hued hairstyle during her pregnancy with her son Bronx, she recently made a drastic change with her super short white, white blonde hair transformation.  Ironically superstore Kate Winslet recently unveiled her own version of a platinum super short crop for the cover of this month's British Vogue.

Although a white, white blonde hue requires constant upkeep to manage root regrowth, because Ashlee has such short hair, it will be a lot easier to maintain than longer platinum hued lengths.

The advantage to going really short with platinum blonde hues is that shorter hair means less danger of damage from the bleaching agents.  It also means roots are much easier to handle and there is less danger of color overlap or discolored ends.

The other plus to Ashlee's chic chop is that it's truly a wash and wear hairstyle.

How To Copy Ashlee Simpson's Platinum Blonde Crop

1.  Start by getting your hair cut into a short crop like Ashlee, Kate Winslett and Michelle Williams.  Work with your hairstylist to customize your cut and color to your face shape, skin and eye tone.  Consider going with a slightly longer crop if that works better for your face shape and desired look.

2.  Since Ashlee has gone platinum it's important she cleanse her hair with products which prevent fading or discoloration.  Keep in mind the number one enemy of hair color is water.  Only wash with lukewarm water and use products designed to protect bleached strands from fading or turning yellow.

3.  When possible cleanse or shampoo less often.  If you can stretch your shampoo or cleansing sessions to every 3-4 days that would be ideal.  If that doesn't work for you, consider using water or a gentle Dilute Shampoo (DS) wash to minimize the drying effect of shampoo products.

4.  Bleached hair tends to be very dry and more prone to damage.  When possible follow a very gentle cleansing routine consisting of Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only (CO), Water Only (lukewarm) or Loo-Poo.  Any of these alternative methods provide a kinder cleansing option.  Always follow a cleansing with a moisturizing rinse out conditioner and a cool/cold water final rinse.

5.  Use deep conditioners on a regular basis to keep hair silky and shiny.

6.  Short hairstyles like Ashlee's require regular trims to keep the original shape.  Schedule your regular trims in advance to make sure you stick to a regular schedule.

7.  If you decide to do root touch-up at home be sure to work with your haircolorist to use the correct formula to avoid root discoloration  If you work with a hair colorist be sure to visit the salon in a timely manner to prevent an obvious root regrowth line.

8.  For everyday wear a short crop like Ashlee, Kate and Michelle have requires towel blotting, an application of a a tiny bit of styling cream, gel or mousse and light finger tousling.   Use a tiny dab of defrisant if hair tends to frizz.  A good volume enhancing product applied to the roots will assist with lift at the roots.

9.  Glam up your short crop by applying a styling cocktail to damp strands and blow drying with a large round brush.  Use the brush in conjunction with a blow dryer to build in lift at the roots and add smoothness throughout the rest of the style.

10.  Instantly change up the style by adding hair accessories, changing up the part, or playing with different styling products such as wax, putty or stronger gels.

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