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No Hair Role Made Malin Akerman Question Growing Up Without Hair

Swedish actress Malin Akerman is famous for her beautiful blonde tresses and her role as the annoying sister in 27 Dresses.  Her latest role as Annie in the film 'Happythankyoumoreplease' deals with issues of being completely hairless.  In the film Annie has alopecia.  The movie is about six friends living in New York and dealing with a child separated from his mom on the subway.

"I actually think she's way more beautiful than any of the other girls I've played," Akerman tells PopEater. "When you look in the mirror you see somebody very different from whatever everybody else sees, and that is the same for me."

Akerman expressed appreciation for the role.  She told PopEater I'm in love with this character. I actually miss her a lot. She was actually an amazing character to play.  She's obviously a very sensitive soul, wears her heart on her sleeve."

Akerman explained "She (Annie) has alopecia, which is a condition where you lose all your hair. It creates a different kind of persona in a person. Growing up without hair, it must shape you as a person, and that was something really interesting to play with and figure out what her sensitive spots are because of that, what obstacles that presents. It was such a great, beautiful character."

Wearing Bald Cap, Scarves & Head Wraps

She confessed that part of her reason for taking the role was because her gorgeous natural looks are completely downplayed.  Akerman said "It was really cool because Annie got to shine through as a person instead of having the audience have to get through the layers of the exterior and then see who she is. It's like, here she is, and that was kind of amazing to not have to worry about that. To go, this is me, this is what I look like and guess what, I'm beautiful."

The actress who wore a bald cap along with scarves and wraps for the part also shaved her eyebrows.  Although she could tuck her hair under the various hair accessories to simulate no hair, she had to shave the brows.  She wasn't worried about her brows growing back, which can sometimes happen.

She said "I actually didn't know that they might not grow back until after I did it. Look, if they hadn't grown back I just would have drawn them in. I usually do that anyway because I'm blonde. It's not the worst thing that can happen in life."

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