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Hairstylist on CBS Soap The Bold And The Beautiful Sues Over His Hair Expertise

Cast Of The Bold & The Beautiful

According to Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter, Carlos Pelz, the principal hairstylist on The Bold And The Beautiful filed a complaint on Thursday in LA Superior Court against the CBS soap.

Specifically Pelz is suing the show's producers, Bell-Phillip Television Productions and senior supervisor Ron Weaver for defaming the quality of his hairstyling expertise.

Pelz who won Emmy awards in 2009 and 2010 for various technical and artistic excellence for his work on The Bold And The Beautiful says that Weaver, the  senior supervisor on the show wanted him cut from the show.

Pelz alleged in his complaint to have circulated a memo in March 2010 criticizing his work habits claiming the hairstylist was lazy, ambivalent, produced poor quality work, incompetent and unfit to continue as the key hairstylist for the soap.

According to the complaint, Pelz alleged that it was recommended he be removed from his job.

Weaver and Bell-Phillip Television Prods are alleged to have circulated a memo in March 2010 that criticized Pelz' work habits, asserting he was lazy, ambivalent, produced poor quality work, incompetent, and unfit to continue as "key" hairstylist for the show.   The memo recommended that Pelz be removed from his job.

The hairstylist claims this job performance review constitutes libel and caused him to suffer emotional distress, anxiety, embarrassment, shame and humiliation. He's asking a court to award unspecified damages for Weaver and Bell-Phillips actions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter they have reached out to CBS for comment.

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