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Mila Kunis Revealed How She Lost Black Swan Weight on 2011 Oscars Red Carpet

The arrival of actress Mila Kunis was highly anticipated on last night's 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet.  Even before the arrivals started the E Fashion Police named Mila one of five to watch for their fashion style. She didn't disappoint in a soft lilac hued Elie Saab gown with gorgeous lace accents.

Mila was wearing her hair with a deep side swept bangs which covered one eyebrow.  Her hair was swept into a finger picked side chignon with S waves throughout.  "The Black Swan co-star who made headlines for kissing Natalie Portman in the film stopped by to chat with E's Ryan Seacrest.

Getting Black Swan Via Skype

Seacrest asked the actress "how did you get the part in Black Swan?"  The actress explained "I met Darren (Aronosky) on Skype on my computer." Seacrest seemed surprised "on Skype?" Mila explained "to be technical it was iChat. Yes."

Seacrest asked "and what do you think impressed him in that conversation? On a computer?"

Mila said "I have no idea." Seacrest questioned "did you ever ask him?" Mila "no I didn't" laughing  "cause I never wanted him to second-guess his decision. So I never questioned it."

She explained "he (Darren) wanted to meet me after seeing (the film) Sarah Marshall.  Then Black Swan came along and I knew Natalie for some years. It all kind of just happened."   Seacrest asked "did Natalie put your name in the ring for it?" Mila said "yes, I'm not sure what came first. I don't know how it was decided upon."

Seacrest asked "and was it the most intense if not one of the meet most intense roles you've ever played?"  Mila said "yes, physically speaking, it was possibly the most intense. I can't imagine anything being worse."

Mila Kunis Weight Loss For Black Swan

Ryan said "if you look at some of the movies tonight such as Christian Bale in The Fighter, can you imagine going through that type of intense process? I know you lost a lot of weight."

Mila agreed "oh no I can't. If you asked me this two years ago, I would've said no way. I lost 20 pounds in five months. If you could do that you can do anything."

Ryan said Mila how she lost all her weight.  She said "I ate a portion controlled diet of 1200 calories a day, but I was also dancing and working out seven days a week for five hours a day."  Seacrest agreed that's a great way to burn a lot of calories.

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