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Florence Welch Of Florence And The Machine Lets Her Natural Hair Texture Rule At 2011 Oscars

Flame haired Florence Welch of the g stopped by to chat with Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet.  Florence was a performer at the Academy Awards along with A.R. Rahman.  She sang the theme from 127 Hours, If I Rise.

Her signature red hair was worn down around her shoulders with lots of deconstructed waves.  She had a full eyebrow grazing fringe with just a hint of separation.

She was gorgeous in vintage-inspired Valentino Couture which was a gorgeous light creamy yellow studded with soft flowing ruffles.

Seacrest pointed out that Florence was "on a rerun on Saturday Night Live last night."  Florance laughed and said "yeah that was me."  The E host asked "what was your reaction when you got the phone call that said we need you to come perform at the Oscars?"

Florence said "it's just one of these events that, it's so much, it's so far removed from anything I ever thought I would be doing.  I never ever though I'd be at The Oscars.  Ever.  So it's amazing to be here.  So when they offered me this opportunity I felt like I couldn't really turn it down."

Seacrest asked "do you see the faces in the crowd when you perform.  When you sing.  Because I know some artists don't see any faces, others do recognize people."  Florence said "I have the other hassles, I have like the place cards that are sitting there and I'm doing my rehearsals and I'm like - and she mouthed the words Oh My God - but what I mean, but with this performance you know, it's very calm and it's a very emotional song so I think I'm going to try and concentrate on the feeling of the music and not staring at people."  She threw back her head and laughed.  It was fun to watch her.

When discussing the fact that her gown was by Valentino she told Seacrest the designer is "down there."  Seacrest agreed "he just works by, he looks very tan.  He was freshly tanned."  Florence laughed, put her fingers to her face and said "oh, I'm not."

Florence was totally adorable.  She thanked Seacrest and flowed off with her ruffles trailing behind her.

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