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Ashton Jones Rocks Big Beautiful Voice And Natural Curls On American Idol

Ashton Jones is a 24 year old retail manager from Nashville, Tennessee wowed Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson with her big beautiful voice.

The tiny songbird has big beautiful natural curls which billowed out around her pretty face like a halo.

Ashton worked hard to make it to her solo after suffering through a crazy group experience with Ashley Sullivan who had a meltdown.

Sullivan joined Ashton's group late in the game and then because of the pressure begged to quit.  American Idol producers convinced the highly emotional girl to talk to her boyfriend and try to rethink her decision to leave the show.  She did and made it into the solo round.

Ironically with all the theatrics surrounding the group due to Sullivan, Ashton Jones got lost in the drama.  Luckily for the fans and the judges she stepped it up a notch when she sang.  Jennifer said "alright Sweetie, you did really well, it was really nice, we'll see you later."

Steven agreed "beautiful song.  I like the way you attacked it."  Randy told the other judges when referring to Ashton "when you've got it, you've got it, no matter what age."  Although Ashton made the latest cuts, the road is a long one on American Idol.  But watch for Ashton, her beautiful voice and her bodacious curls to stand out from the crowd.

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