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Jordin Sparks Returns To Her Naturally Curly Haired Roots

When American Idol winner Jordin Brianna Sparks (born December 22, 1989) first appeared on the sixth season of the reality TV show she showcased her stunning natural curls.

She was noteworthy not only for her beautiful ringlets and voice, but for her age.  At the time she won AI she was the youngest winner in the history of the competition.

(To the left - Jordin Sparks on American Idol and on the Red Carpet in 2011 - to the right)

As she progressed towards the finals her hair went through a transition from tightly curled to lightly waved.  The American pop and  R&B singer, songwriter, model and actress from Glendale, Arizona also changed her make-up and fashions.

In the five years since the then 17 year old Jordin won AI, her hair styles have changed dramatically.   She traded in her natural curls for bone straight strands.  She also cycled through a range of different hues and lengths.

Recently Jordin was photographed on the Red Carpet showcasing her natural curls.  Her current milk chocolate ringlets were perfectly coiled from crown to chin creating a stunning halo framing her beautiful face.  Although Jordin's tresses appear to be shoulder length, because her hair is so tightly curled it's probably much longer in reality.

The difference between Jordin's look when she first appear on AI and today?  It appears her natural curls have been skillfully cut so that each clump or section of curls are designed to nestle into each other, providing a perfect array of curls.

Naturally curly haired purists would balk at the idea that curling irons might have been used to style Jordin's hairstyle.

Because the songbird has natural coils she wore in all their glory in the past, her curls could be recreated in a number of ways ranging from plopping and then drying with a long finger diffuser to air drying and finger twisting the ringlets.  Or she might be showcasing other naturally curly hair styling techniques including a straw, rag or string set.

Of course if a celebrity stylist created Jordin's look, a curling iron might have been used to create the uniform curl shapes and red carpet worth spirals.  A curling iron does give curls a ropey look.

Regardless of how Jordin's hair was styled, she looks gorgeous.  It's nice to see her rocking her natural texture and returning to her original naturally curly roots from the AI years.

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