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Joy Behar's Views On Her Nappy Curly Hair

Oprah continues to make history as she counts down to her final show.\u00a0 Today she had the entire cast of the controversial The View on\u00a0 her talk show.\u00a0 To make them feel welcome Oprah had their very first table flewn in and installed on her stage.\n

View original cast member, Joy Behar, revealed some interesting facts about her naturally curly hair which I had never heard before.\u00a0\u00a0\u00a0 Joy usually wears her hair chin length or slightly longer and straight or will just a touch of texture.\n

I love Joy because of her amazing gift for comedy.\u00a0 She has a way with words and lent them to talking about her tresses.\n

Getting Her Hair Flat Ironed\n

The Oprah show cameras followed Joy and all her fellow cast members behind the scenes of the ABC show.\u00a0 Joy was shown being interviewed while her hair was being methodically flat ironed to straighten out her texture.\u00a0 She teased “it’s hard to be serious with my hair like this.”\n

A retrospective of images of Joy from the past was shown.\u00a0 Joy was photographed with short super curly hair.\n

When Oprah asked the cast if they had regrets from the show over the years Joy said “and you know what I regret Oprah?\u00a0 That I allowed them to take that picture with my hair out to there.\u00a0 What was I thinking?”\u00a0 \n

Using The N Word\n

The rest of the crew teased her and said “with your Jheri Curl”\u00a0 Oprah said “that’s how you get it started so it falls into place.”\u00a0 Joy said “yes.\u00a0 What did you say?\u00a0 That I looked like a call girl?”\n

Sherry Shepard said “no, like a black girl.”\u00a0 Joy agreed “yes.\u00a0 That was on purpose, I was going as an African Queen.”\u00a0 Oprah said\u00a0 “oh, OK, cause you looked African there.”\u00a0 Joy said “well I have the hair.\u00a0 I’m very nappy, my hair.\u00a0 Yeah, I’m Italian”\u00a0 Sherry said about Joy and her hair “it’s very curly.”\n

Oprah said “ohhhh, you used the N word.\u00a0 Nappy”\u00a0 Joy said “Nappy.\u00a0 Oh, you’re not allowed to use that word?”\u00a0 Oprah “nappy, oh no, I like it.”\u00a0 Joy said “nappy’s good.”\u00a0 Oprah laughed and agreed “nappy’s good, yes.\u00a0 You get it.”\u00a0 Joy “yeah, I’ve got it.”\u00a0 Oprah said “when you say nappy it’s really gone.”\u00a0 Joy shook her head in agreements “yes, it’s (her curly hair) really gone.”\n

Keratin Hair Treatments To Tame Joy’s Tight Jheri Curls\n

Sherry said “when she comes into the set in the morning, before she gets a Keratin treatment, it’s like really tight Jheri curls.\u00a0 Real tight, tight like an Afro.”\u00a0 Sherry insinuated that Joy had regular Keratin hair smoothing treatments.\n

In response to Sherry’s comment about Keratin Oprah said “can we talk about Keratin treatment, but not here?”\u00a0 Sherry started to answer but Oprah said “ummm, no, it’s great.”\u00a0 Then Joy smiled and said “formaldahye, in reference to Keratin treatments.”\u00a0 Oprah said “don’t go there Joy.”\n

Oprah explained that the cameras went behind the scenes at The View and Oprah said “and you get to see Joy’s hair”\u00a0 Joy said “again.”\u00a0 Indeed, the cameras captured a brief glimpse of Joy walking into the show’s back stage.\n

Letting Hair Go Curly After Near Death Experience \n

Joy talked about her near death experience.\u00a0 She explained she had an ectopic pregnancy which “almost killed me in 1979.\u00a0 I bled internally, I was on death’s door, they told me the next day.\u00a0 Yeah. That changes you a lot.\u00a0 First of all I let my hair go curly, that was my first thing and I change my life.\u00a0 I got divorced and became the way I am now.\u00a0 I was a teacher.\u00a0 It changed me.”\n

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