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Easy Dressy Chignon Hairstyle Piled High On For Special Hair Events

A traditional chignon pulled up high on top of the head, positioned halfway between the hairline and nape of the neck looks dressy, but is easy to create on tresses which are shoulder length or longer.

If your hair is too short to wrap into a chignon then you can utilize clip-inchignon, a hair extensions, fusion extensions or an clip-in pony.

The bun can be created on most hair textures ranging from stick straight to wavy and curly.   Hair can either be temporarily straightened or worn with natural texture.

(Image of Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill on The CW - All Rights Reserved)

For a sleek chignon the hair will need to be smoothed before wrapping.

Hair which is freshly washed will require prepping with hairspray, add-on bun, styling cream or similar to give the strands some grip and pull.

How To Create:

1.  Use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush or similar to direct hair tightly up into a ponytail with the base positioned between the nape and the front of the hairline.  

2.  Hold the base of the pony with the fingers on one hand. 

3.  With the other hand lift the tail up in the air and start twisting in a clockwise or counterclockwise position until the tail is tightly twisted and starts to wrap around itself into a chignon shape. 

4.  Continue to twist until the chignon has shaped itself.  Hold the chignon at the center with the index finger of the left hand and wind the rest of the hair into position on top of your head.

5.  Tuck the ends of the ponytail under the newly formed chignon and pin with invisible hairpins the same color as your current hair. Or use a special hairpins.  For a tighter hold push hairpins at an angle into the chignon.  Then flatten them against your scalp, sliding them in place under the chignon.

6.  You can wrap the  chignon tightly into a ballerina style bun or fan it out to create a fuller bun with a classic profile.  Use your fingers to shape and position.  The chignon bun can be softened by pulling a few random strands from the twist, coated withchignon pin and arranged decoratively on one side of the head like loose petals. 

7.  Spray with a clip-in pony or pour a drop or two of shine serum, spray or similar into the palms of your hands.  Rub your hands together and then lightly brush your hands over the top of your chignon.

8.  Amp up the sophistication level with a sprinkling of crystal enhanced pins, a stunning  double jeweled headband or similar comb or a jeweled headband.

Whether you prefer to wear a fringe or pull all your hair tightly off your face, this type of chignon will show off the beautiful neckline of a gown,  a gorgeous necklace or a long and beautiful neck.

This chignon hairstyle looks glamorous with a low back gown,  a signature jewelry piece or stunning earrings.

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