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The Bachelor's Vampire Girl - Madison - Leaves With Mixed Feelings

Madison McKinley voluntarily left Bachelor Brad during the rose ceremony on Monday night (1/17/11).

(Image of Bachelorette Madison McKinley with Bachelor Brad - ABC - All Rights Reserved)

Although it seemed like a surprise at the time, if you watched the show and the dialogue Madison had with another Bachelorette about Emily, you probably would not have thought it was odd that the model chose to leave.

Bachelor fan Ellen Degeneres had Madison on her show as a guest to find out the inside scoops of why she left the show.   Ellen greeted Madison wearing portable fangs.

She offered Madison a hug but the blonde model seemed unsure whether to hug the talk show hostess back or not.  It was an awkward moment.  Actually, Madison seemed very nervous during the first few moments of the interview.

Ellen told Madison "its not that comfortable" in reference to the fangs.  Madison agreed "it's not easy being green."  Ellen removed the fangs.  She said "now yours aren't like this.  They're more expensive."  The blonde Bachelorette said "they're a little less like that, yeah."

Ellen said "and they're professionally made, is that right?"  Madison explained "that is right, yes."  Ellen noted that when Madison showed up on The Bachelor she received a lot of attention for her fangs, which are removable.  Ellen said that not only did she talk about Madison because of her vampire teeth, but so did Jimmy Kimmel.

Ellen wanted to know if Madison wore her teeth all the time or just to get attention.  Madison confided that she "was afraid" her teeth "were going to get her kicked off (The Bachelor) if anything."

She wears her teeth "for fun definitely, if anything.  She likes to spice things up.  I got it originally because I always had that vampire thing.  Starting out as a little girl, I was just enamored with the whole idea."

Anne Rice Did It Better

So did she like the Twilight movies? She told Ellen "You know, I feel like Anne Rice did it better, but I'm a Twilight fan all the same."  She agreed with Ellen that her love of vampires did make her "a trendsetter, something like that."

Ellen asked Madison if her teeth come out and she said they did.  At that point in the interview Madison removed her teeth and said "I'm going to get a lot of criticism for this one (removing her teeth).  You know, because it's supposed to be with the Full Moon kinda thing."  Ellen asked "is there a Full Moon right now?"  Madison laughed, looked around and said "there's a lot of studio lights right now."

Ellen teased Madison and said technically because it was daytime she should be asleep right now.  Madison agreed "I'm breaking rules left and right."

Why Did Madison Leave The Bachelor Show?

When Ellen discussed Madison's decision to leave the show she pointed out "watching you leave I feel we got to know the real you, without the fangs and without kinda  the...all of a sudden we got to know you and you left. Why did you leave?"

Madison "Yes. I came into the whole thing, yeah, with the idea it would be fun and I could go on and be kinda crazy and do all this stuff.  And then it became a lot more real, to me.  The whole Emily story, you know, for example.  We (Emily and Madison) became close friends and I saw how invested she was in the whole thing and her heart was on the line and she's got a baby at home.  And all a sudden, here I am, I really couldn't look myself in the eye and be the woman who was even going to attempt to be the one to interfere with that. Not that I would've but...."

More Time With The Girls Than With Brad

Ellen "so you didn't really have those feelings for Brad.  You felt it wasn't fair for you to stay because you didn't have that connection."  Madison "yeah, circumstantially I spent a lot more time with the girls than I did with Brad.  That's kinda of the nature of the show.  And so I developed more of a friendship with the girls than an immediate connection with Brad.  There were moments that we had, but on the whole."

Ellen "do you like Brad?"  Madison "I think Brad's a great guy and if it doesn't work me up Brad."  Ellen told Madison "supposedly he's ended up with someone.  I have a chart of all the Bachelorettes.  I want to go through this with you."  Ellen pulled out a chart of the remaining Bachelors.

Madison asked "are we betting on this?"  Ellen told her they could since Madison doesn't know who Brad picks.  Or does Madison know?  The blonde model said she doesn't know who Brad ultimately picks in the end.

Who's Really Crazy On The Bachelor Show?

As they went over Ellen's chart the funny lady said "with editing I don't know who's really really crazy (on the show)."  Ellen pointed to Michelle and said "I'm going say she's really crazy."

Madison said about Michelle, "crazy, yes.  But you've got to give the woman credit for telling it like it is.  But she's in it to win it.  For sure.  Whatever it is."

As far as which Bachelorette has a good shot, Ellen thinks "Chantal O has a good shot."  Madison agreed that Brad and Chantal O "have a lot of chemistry.  Everyone's kinda noticed that."

Ellen "and of course Emily, like she said she's got a heart breaking story."  Madison agreed that Emily has a "fairytale story, I'm kinda rooting for her.  She may be the underdog.  Come on."

Emily Should Be The Next Bachelorette

Ellen asked Madison if she would agree to be the next Bachelorette if asked.  Madison said she didn't think "she could sign on for that job.  It is really hard and people don't give Brad enough credit.  There are 30 women there vying for his attention all the time.  And he has to be such a gentleman to all of them and it's a lot of pressure. It really really is."

Ellen said "and a lot of making out."  Madison laughed and said she might be okay with that part (the making out.)

Madison said her vote for the next Bachelorette is Emily.  "Heck yeah, she's so sweet."   Ellen "we'll see what happened.  Every year I say I'm not going to watch.  And every year I get sucked in."  Madison "it sucks you in." The talk show hostess "It does. You watch one episode and you're like 'OK'.  You can't not watch."

The Vampire Bachelorette said "and then you end up with charts."  Ellen teased "you should see the one (chart) I have at home.  No, I don't have one at home."

One thing is for sure, The Bachelor couldn't pay for the kind of fabulous advertising the show gets from Ellen.

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