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How To Wear A Hair Jaw Or Claw And Look Glam

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How To Wear A Hair Jaw Or Claw And Look Glam

Wearing a {{asin=B000NNGTMW,text=hair jaw or claw}} and looking glam is all about attitude.

If you view a hair clip as a way to enhance your skin tone and bring out the beauty of your cheekbones, eyes and lips, you'll realize jaws, {{asin=B005IMHAOY,text=claws}} and similar clips can be one of the best hair and beauty investments you can make.

Hair jaws, claws and clips have come a long way since the beginning of hair clip history when they were designed to only be functional.  Now these amazing hair accessories can be worn as a functional clip, a decorative piece or both.

It's All About The Accessory Pairings

Pair a sleek hair clip in the same color as your hair with some sassy earrings, your favorite lip shade and you'll look amazing.

Select a hair clip in the same color as your current hair hue to direct focus on your hairstyle rather than on the clip.  If you want to draw attention to the clip, select {{asin=B000QSLWS0,text=one in a color}} which contrasts your natural hair hue.

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There are dozens of ways to wear a hair clip to flatter hair of any length, texture or thickness from stick straight strands to tight ringlets.  Even some guys are using manly hair clips to hold their long strands in place.

Good jaw or claw clips come in several sizes, including smaller mini style clips which can be used on children or for women with short or very short hair.

Great  Hair Clip Lines

Image of {{asin=B00BUQUNSW,text=KarenMarie™ Crystal}} Condor Clip - All Rights Reserved

Over the past 20 years I've worn literally hundreds of different hair clips from every imaginable line from {{asin=B00B9GHWUK,text=France Luxe}} and KarenMarie™ on the high end to Goody, Karina and Good Hair Days on the low end.

Ultimately for me it comes down to the {{asin=B0095R6NOQ,text=}}type of clip which works best for my very long, naturally wavy and curly strands.

When it comes to selecting the best clip, {{asin=B0095R6NOQ,text=pick the size}} and design which does the best job for you and your hair and fits your budget.

Image of Hidden Spring Baroque Claw in Tortoise Hue - - All Rights Reserved

Other Advantages To Hair Clips

There are so many advantages to jaws and claws.

Some of these include:

1. You can buy fabulous options for less than $10 or go {{asin=B0037MHHBI,text=upscale}} with embellishments and unique designs for $40 or more.

Note:  Some ornately decorated jaws and claws can range in the hundreds or even thousands.

2.  Claws, jaws and similar hair clips can help you extended your first day hair for several additional hair.

3.  Clipping your hair up with a jaw or claw allows you to instantly get your hair out of harm's way to prevent split ends, rips, snags, snarls or tangles.

4.  Hair clips come in hair friendly soft plastic or hand polished {{asin=B004RX4JWQ,text=cellulose designs}} with smooth edges.

5.  Jaws, claws and similar clips can easily be tucked into a handbag or a suitcase for travel.

6.  Clips can be used as a faux ponytail holder or to design an endless array of different hairstyles from twists and buns to chignons or similar.

Small Tuck Style Jaw/Claw Clip - - All Rights Reserved

If you find a clip style which works best for your hair, stock up so that you don't have to worry about losing your favorite clip somewhere in your handbag, at home or in your office.

Summary - How To Wear A Hair Jaw Or Claw And Look Glam

Hair jaws and/or claws are exceptionally versatile hair accessories. Luckily hair jaws and claws are both available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Mini {{asin=B000MDDDC2,text=jaws and claws}} can be worn as accent pieces for hair which is very short to short.

Hair which is medium to longer in length can utilize the large jaws and claws with multiple teeth and can utilize the popular accessory to quickly create top knots, buns, twists and chignons.

Jaws and claws can also be utilized as a substitute for traditional ponytail holders.

These hair accessories are also perfect for creating simple, yet sophisticated hair styles taking any hair from daytime to nighttime with ease.

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