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E Fashion Police Picks Top Five Must See Celebrities To Watch For 2011 Golden Globes

For me the annual Golden Globe Awards are like an all-day picnic.  I always start getting ramped up for the Globes by watching E! which is one of my guilty pleasures.

At 4:00 pm CST Guilana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos signed on and promised one hour of fashion.  Their first segment?  The Top 5 To Watch Celebrities on The Red Carpet in descending order.

(Image of Lea Michele at the 2010 Golden Globes Awards wearing Oscar de la Renta - All Rights Reserved)

The E Fashion Police top five picks for the must see celebrities to watch for 2011?  See the list below:

#5 - Anne Hathaway - In 2009 the nominated Ms Hathaway was glowing in Armani Prive.   Guilana pointed out Anne was "absolutely stunning.  I think she is one to watch.  She wears these statement gowns with very intricate bodices and gorgeous trains.  I think she's going to be beautiful on the Red Carpet tonight."

Kelly Osbourne who was at her first Golden Globe awards said Anne "always has this amazing way of wearing a dress and still keeping it youthful and still keeping it fresh but still looking classically beautiful.  And that's really hard when you're in that middle age of your 20s trying not to look too young and not too old.  She always just looks stunning."

George Kotsopoulos said he loved that Anne's dress from 2009 "was fluid and sculptural" and the blue of the dress was just dynamite.  The fashion police team member said he would love to see Anne in a long gold lame dress.

#4 - Lea Michele - In 2010 Lea wore a sleeveless black ball gown by Oscar de la Renta.  Guiliana pointed out that some felt the dress was too much, but she personally felt "it was amazing but how do you top it?"  Guiliana said since Lea wore a gorgeous gown to her first Globes appearance it was going to be interesting to see how she would top herself from last year."

Kelly agreed with Guiliana and said she can't wait to see what Lea wears for the 2011 Red Carpet because when she saw Lea last year in the black ballgown she was "blown away."  Kelly pointed out that the Golden Globes is a time to have fun and blow it out a little bit.

George suggested a possible gown for Lea which is more youthful and fun.  George said that he felt Lea dresses too seriously.

Kelly and Guiliana did not like George's suggestion of a rainbow hued Marc Jacobs look for Lea.

#3 - Sophia Vergara - In 2010 Sophia from TV's Modern Family wowed the media and the crowds with her Carolina Herrarra gown.   Guiliana pointed out that Sophia really "works it, she works the sex appeal and the curves but at the same time she does it in a very tasteful way, never offensive or vulgar."

Kelly agreed that Sophia "embodies what true sexiness is all about.  She never goes too far with it.  She never ever looks distasteful."

George said Sophia "is a bombshell.  Embrace that."  George said that Sophia should channel Sophia Loren because she has the curves to pull off stunning gowns much like Ms. Loren might wear on a Red Carpet.

#2 - Angelina Jolie - In 2009 she was at the Globes in Armani Prive.  Guiliana pointed out Angelina "rarely messes with perfection" and with her stunning 2009 gown she barely wore any make-up, barely wore any jewelry.  Just a very beautiful, simple dress.  Love it."

Kelly agreed that Angelina is "effortless.  Not over accessorizing, her make-up is perfect, her skin is glowing, her is not too much.  It's like she rolled out of bed and put a gown on for the awards.  She's just born to be on the Red Carpet."

George pointed out that Angelina is the "master at relaxed elegance.  She can make a beaded gown look comfortable.  She doesn't wear a lot of color so I would like to see her in color."  He showed a mi pink gown that he thought would be gorgeous for Angelina.

#1 - Natalie Portman - Guiliana said "at number one is the newly engaged and pregnant Natalie Portman.  Her last Globes appearance was way back in 06.  She wore vintage Chanel (black strapless gown).  She is the closest thing we have to Audrey Hepburn. Not just in terms of her looks, but that impeccable grace and style.  This is what a starlet looks like.  Perfect."

Kelly said "it's so refreshing to see someone so young and so effortless without ever overdoing it."  Kelly pointed out "Natalie never wears anything made of animals or animal byproducts".  Kelly noted "I applaud her for that because she stands up for what she believes in."

George said he would love to see Natalie in a gold hued" Donna Karan gown that shows off her bump".  He pointed out that "since Natalie is showing now it's nice to really embrace the bump rather than to just look like you've gained a little weight."

Hottest Trend On Red Carpet For 2011?

Guiliana who had her hair coiffed up into a beautiful back twist with a side-swept fringe pointed out that the "hottest trend for 2011 is the baby bump" which is showing up on all the stars like Natalie, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz.

Kelly Osbourne who Guiliana said looked "like Grace Kelly" with "a fierce hairstyle" also had her buttery blonde tresses up into a gorgeous hair twist which looked amazing. Apparently Kelly loved her hair and told Guiliana "I love my hair."

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