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Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Dishes About Camille Grammer

Kyle Richards was on Ellen today.  She danced across the stage to meet Ellen.  The reality TV star wore her gorgeous trademark chocolate brown hair long and lush cascading down around her shoulders.  Her long tresses were silky and shiny.

Kyle told Ellen that she was "very nervous and I just want to say that because I feel like if I just say that I'll feel better."  Ellen told her to say it and let go of her nervousness.  Kyle said "I'm letting go because I don't want to do something stupid and embarrass myself and never be able to come back."

Ellen mentioned that she and her wife Portia had met Kyle at a "party the other night" where Kyle had her little girl.  Kyle's little girl is named Portia and she explained that the name was related to Ellen's wife.

She told Ellen "we had chosen the name Sienna and then I was looking through a magazine one day and I saw your beautiful wife and I thought 'wow, she's so beautiful' and I looked at her name and I thought 'that's it'.  I called my husband and said 'what do you think of Portia' and he said "that's it, that's her name" so.  It's a beautiful name."

Ellen asked Kyle about all the tension that was going on with the Bravo show - The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHBH).  She asked Kyle "who did you know in that show before you signed on?"

Kyle said "I knew Lisa very well.  Lisa and Ken are clients of my husband.  I knew Camille and Kelsey, not well, my husband was closer to them because they're also his clients.  Of course my sister Kim.  And I knew Adrienne and Taylor from meeting socially."

Ellen wanted to know what was causing all the tension.  She asked "is it the alcohol.  On reality shows there seems to be a lot of that.  That must cause some kind of?"

The beautiful brunette said "I think on our show it's a little less than on the other shows.  I think.  But no, I really think it's different personalities.  You know we're all very strong women.  And a lot of the conflict has been between Camille and me.  And I really think we're so completely different.

Ellen asked if Kelsey and Camille were still clients of Kyle's husband.  She said "what happened since then (the last fight between Camille and Kyle).  The Beverly Hills housewife said "we address that in the reunion."

Show Editing Causing Misrepresentation?

Ellen asked if that was awkward.  Kyle said "everything's awkward, yes awkward."  Ellen explained that Camille was on the show "last Friday and Camille says she's misrepresented and she would like to go on next season to clear up her image because she thinks it's editing and it's all misrepresented."

Kyle rolled her eyes and then said "well, editing can not make you, uh, put a sentence together.  You know, what came out of her mouth came out of her mouth.  But I really think it was because she was going through so much and I think she said those things out of anger or I think we didn't get along well and she was maybe pissed off.  I don't know."

Ellen continued "but she (Camille) says you all are friends.  Are you friends?"  Kyle paused and then said "we're friendly.   I mean there's times we laugh and have fun and are.... "  Ellen said "that not friends."  Kyle said "we're friendly."  She laughed and then Kyle said "she said it, I didn't."

Kyle said "no, there's times in our group that we are where we are, you know, friendly, and we laugh and joke but then every time,  something goes horribly wrong.  Every other time, maybe."

Ellen agreed "it seems like it."

Reunion Show

Kyle said the Reunion Show for The Housewives of Beverly Hills is on "I believe January 27th".  Ellen said "that's got to be a doozy."

The reality TV star said "that was a very stressful day.  Definitely.  As Lisa would say 'I feel like I was shagged through a hedge backwards'  but it was a very long day, very emotionally draining and not fun."

Will Kyle Return For Another Season?

Ellen explained that when Camille was on her show recently she said she was trying to make up her mind if she would go back or not and had two weeks to decide.  Kyle asked "why two weeks?  That's the first I heard that number."  Kyle explained "Bravo has not announced a second season yet.  So as soon as they do then we'll all have the chance to decide whether we're coming back or not."

Ellen asked Kyle if she wanted to go back.  She said "it depends on the day you ask me.  We're having fun and I think 'that'll be great' then at nights like that dinner (where they were all fighting) and some other things that are coming up, make me think 'oh my god, I don't know if I could take this'".

Kyle explained that on an average there are cameras in her face "four days".

Ellen then presented Kyle with a glamorous toilet bowl cleaning set as a belated birthday present and as something a Beverly Hills Housewife would use.

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