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Julia Roberts Fought Her Curls And Shyness As A Kid Growing Up

Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life recently pointed out that A-Listers like Jen Aniston, Kate Hudson and ice princess Julia Roberts need to get fan-friendly or reap their karma.  Amen to that.

It's a brand new wired world out there where fans are socializing with their favorite vampires, reality stars and YouTube sensations on Twitter, Facebook and similar social networking sites.

Julia Roberts Failed To Deliver Big Numbers For Eat, Pray, Love

As Bonnie wisely notes, inaccessibility by movie stars could very easily translate to box office bombs.  Case in point? Reese Witherspoon's How Do You Know only trickled in at $25 million, but the movie cost $120 million to make.

(Image of Julia Roberts with no evidence of her naturally textured big tresses)

I personally wasn't surprised when Julia Roberts didn't blow the doors off the theaters with Eat, Pray, Love.  She is famous for running from some photographers or fighting with others, avoiding Red Carpet events like the plaque and being a virtual recluse.  Maybe the famous Scorpio (born October 28, 1967) has her privacy, but as Bonnie pointed out, Julia may not have her acting career much longer.

Pretty Young Thing

Ironically I've been spending my spare time cleaning out closets at and found an orphan W Magazine from December 2005.  The 328 page fashion magazine had a one page feature of Julia Roberts titled Pretty Young Thing with a photo of her from 1988.

Why 1988?  That's the year Julia took on the role of Daisy Araujo in Mystic Pizza.  For her breakout role the starlette (at the time) "dyed her light hair dark brown" and put on a "few extra pounds" in order to give her more curves appropriate for a pizza waitress.

W pointed out in the 2005 issue that one of Julia's first interviews took place in November of 1988 with W.  Good to know I'm not the only one digging into the past.

The actress told W during her first interview in 1988 that she was a little uncomfortable with the attention Mystic Pizza brought her.  Ditto with Steel Magnolias, her follow-up film.  Julia obviously did not like being in the spotlight.

The reason for her discomfort?  Julia said "I'm shy" and "everyone seems to get a kick out of the fact that I blush very easily."

Fighting Her Curly Mane Back In Georgia

She also told W that as a kid growing up back in Smyrna, Georgia, she tried to tame her famous curly mane into something a little less spotlight-grabbing but "that involved a lot of time in the bathroom."

Does Julia hide out from fans, interviewers and photographers because she's shy?  Or because it takes a village to get her famous mane whipped into shape?  Or is it because she just doesn't want to be accessible?  I guess we might never know unless Julia takes to Twitter and tweets us like Kim Kardashian or The Bieb might.

Bonnie Fuller nailed it when she said "it’s a new world, traditional A-Listers! Don’t look down your noses at reality stars and TV series stars. They’ve changed the playing field and they are reaping the rewards of being accessible and down-to-earth."  Amen to that.

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