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Snooki's Hangover Drink Suggestions For Blackouts Or Waking Up In Garbage Cans

Ellen introduced Snooki as being "one of the most famous reality TV stars in the world."  After playing a clip from MTV's Jersey Shore Snooki was introduced.

The famous Snooki arrived on stage with her trademark chocolate brown hair worn stick straight in long layers of shiny strands with a long side-swept bang which framed her face.  She looked very cute in a very short hot chocolate hued long sleeved dress with accent buttons and very high shoes.

Snooki told Ellen she "was awesome" and "so glad to be back" on Ellen's show.  Ellen said "you must be enjoying that everyone's loving your personality."

Snooki agreed "yeah, I'm just being myself and everybody loves me soooo.  Thank you."  She laughed.

Snooki Dropped In A Ball Her Cup Of Vodka

Ellen said "now you had a good New Year's because you dropped down in a ball.  It was supposed to be somewhere else, but they dropped it in Jersey, right?  How was that for you?"

Snooki agreed "yeah, right."  She told Ellen "to be honest with you I was very nervous because I didn't know if I was like gonna fall out of the ball or what.  But I had my cup of vodka and I was like 'you know what, I'm set' and if I do fall I'm drunk and I won't get hurt.  So, you know what I mean?"

Ellen thought it was interesting that Snooki had vodka inside the ball while it was dropping down.  Ellen wanted to know if Snooki had vodka before the ball or just in the ball.

Snooki clarified she had vodka "before and in the ball.  It's New Year's, you have to celebrate."

Best Hangover Drinks - Margarita Or Mimosa

Ellen asked Snooki if she was hung over the next day or had too much fun and Snooki said "actually I didn't black out. so I wasn't that hung over.  But if I am hung over, the best cure is to drink margaritas the morning of and you're fine.  Or a Mimosa with your eggs."

Snooki advised that those are good morning drinks, a Mimosa or a Margarita.

Ellen asked "so you say it's a good night if you don't black out.  Are you serious?"  Snooki laughed, shook her head and said emphatically "yes.  Cause I want to remember my night and sometimes I just don't and it sucks. So you're like 'what did I do?' and 'why did I wake up in a garbage can.'"

Snooki Wakes Up In Garbage Cans

Snooki laughed.  Ellen said "how often does that happen?" waking up in a garbage can.  Snooki said seriously "once a month."

Although Ellen suggested Snooki might just not drink at all so she can remember everything Snooki said "that's not fun."

Snooki was on Ellen to specifically promote her book about herself with the appropriate title of Snooki.  The reality TV star told Ellen she is "so busy" right now with promoting the book and doing other things."

Ellen said she read some passages from the book and "the book is a little racy."  Snooki agreed "it's vulgar.  But I actually toned it down because I now I have a lot of young fans, like thirteen.  So I took a lot of swear words out.  I don't want to get them grounded or anything."

Ellen pointed out "but the blacking out thing" is not necessary a good example.  Snooki agreed but pointed out "I'm not trying to be a role model."   Snooki's comment about Ellen caught her funnybone and laughing she said "that's a good disclaimer."

Snooki's New Year Resolution

When asked about her New Year's Resolution Snooki said her resolution was "definitely to keep up with my training.  I started a month ago."  Snooki told Ellen her training is designed "just to get in shape, pretty much.  So he's (her trainer) kicking my butt, can I say that?"

Snooki confirmed that she has a trainer and she's "really busy" but "I try to go two times a week."  After she goes to train "I can't walk for a week, sooooo. It's really good."

Ellen asked "how long" and Snooki said "until I get where I want to be."  Except Ellen meant how long does she train for.  Snooki said "an hour."

The audience laughed when Ellen said two times a week for an hour.  Snooki said "is that funny, I don't get it."  Ellen said "that's not a lot of time."  Snooki said "well obviously when I'm not with my trainer I work out."  On her own.

What is she trying to accomplish?  Ellen said "not health, obviously because of the drinking."  Snooki said "actually I've calmed down on my drinking.  I only drank a lot because it was New Years."

Snooki Used To Be A Ripped Cheerleader

The reality star likes "to work my legs.  I used to have ripped legs.  I used to be a cheerleader.  I was like 95 pounds and ripped.  Like more than The Situation.  So I definitely.  Yeah, I want to get back to that and show him (The Situation) what's up."

Ellen wanted to see a demonstration of Snooki's workout and Ellen and Snooki agree that they wanted to see each other do squats.  Snooki picked up an exercise all and said "these are big balls."  Snooki said "what do I do with the ball?"  After teasing Ellen with double meanings about balls, she showed Ellen how she does squats and how she bounces on the balls.

Snooki also said she is doing "things for her butt.  She said she "goes on all fours and puts her legs over."  Snooki said she didn't know "how many" leg lifts she was doing because "it hurts and I don't count."

Meanwhile Snooki bounced up and down on the "big balls" and Ellen teased her about whether she really worked with a trainer or not and if she really was working with a trainer she was "getting ripped off."

One thing is for sure, Ellen obviously loves having Snooki on her show and they have great chemistry.  Maybe Ellen should try a real pouf rather than just as a Halloween costume.

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