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I used to live for my morning cup of coffee at Starbucks until a year ago when my body decided it didn't like my coffee so much.  Yes, I tried decaf and a wide range of blends to no avail.

After mourning the loss of my favorite hot drink I decided to switch to hot tea.  It took a little getting used to, but now I'm a huge fan.

Imagine how thrilled I was to discover that cardiology researcher Mark Klein, Ph.D. advocates black tea for preventing heart attacks.

Why?  According to Klein the "antioxidants make arteries 11% wider and prevent dangerous blood clots from forming."  Just three cups a day is thought to cut your risk by as much as 60%.

Other cardiology researchers say that for black tea to help prevent dangerous blood clots its important to dunk your teabag up and down while it's steeping to help release the maximum amount of heart-healthy antioxidants.  Scientists found that tea bags dunked continuously for three minutes release as much as five times as many heart-healthy antioxidants.

Not only are antioxidants great for the heart, they are also known to be great for promoting healthier hair and skin.  The more blood flow that can be available for the scalp and the roots of the hair, the better the nourishment for new growth.

Of course not everyone agrees that drinking black tea is the best idea.  Some experts warn against daily over consumption of caffeine for a variety of reasons.  Too much caffeine consumed in the later afternoon or evening has been proven to disrupt healthy sleep patterns.

(Image of gorgeous healthy hair courtesy of Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

Bottom line?  Do your own research about whether or not it is in your best interest to add three cups of hot black tea to your daily fluid intake.

If you do decide to try drinking hot black tea on a regular basis keep in mind that it's important to dunk the tea bags for optimal antioxidant release.  It's also important to drink your tea early enough in the day to prevent caffeine from disrupting your sleep patterns which are just as necessary for healthy hair and skin as having a good blood flow to the scalp.

Does the benefits of drinking black tea for the heart include drinking loose teas or decaffeinated black teas?  Good questions which I can't answer at the moment.  But I promise to get back to you on that.

Meanwhile as I search for more answers I will be enjoying my hot cup of Darjeeling black tea which I have dunked multiple times in my favorite teacup.

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