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Nail Tek's Citra Formaldehyde Free Nail Strengthener

Best Bang For Your Buck! Complete Your Look Affordably And Formaldehyde-Free

Citra Formaldehyde Free by Nail Tek Helps Grow Gorgeous, Strong, Healthy Nails!

With all the recent financial ups and downs, spending your extra cash on a new wardrobe every time the weather changes just isn’t an option.

The key to maintaining your fashionista status is to use what you have, and as Tim Gunn rightly says, “make it work!” Everyone knows that amazing accessories are what make an outfit anyways...and well manicured nails totally count!

[amazon-product text="NAIL TEK CITRA Formaldehyde Free 1 .47 oz." type="text"]B003O4KGXA[/amazon-product]

With Citra Formaldehyde Free nail strengthener by Nail Tek, your nails can grow to be strong, healthy and ready for the spotlight…completely formaldehyde-free!

To be used as a base coat or topcoat alone or with polish, Citra Formaldehyde Free comes in three special formulas for the most common nail conditions. They help you to achieve or maintain the ultimate end result…strong, healthy nails.

The three formulas are *Formula 1, For Strong, Healthy Nails, *Formula 2, For Soft, Peeling Nails, *Formula 3, For Dry, Brittle Nails

Just think… now you can “polish” your look by strengthening and perfecting what nature already gave you…beautiful nails.

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