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Canopy Hair Definitions

Canopy hair is just another name for the top layer of the hair.   Hair aficionados who love to chat about growing their hair, having long hair or dealing with naturally textured hair (wavy, curly, kinky, coily) love to create new descriptive terms.

Canopy Hair Is The Very Top Layer Or Hair

Just as a traditional canopy is an overhead roof or some type of structure over which a fabric or metal covering is attached, canopy hair is the very top layer that covers the rest of the hair.

Canopy hair is the part of the hair which is most vulnerable to environmental toxins such as wind, heat, sun, rain, salt, sand or similar hair enemies.

(Hair by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

Canopy hair will also suffer the most damage from chemical hair treatments such as relaxers, straighteners, hair color or similar.   Natural or added color will often fade the fastest from canopy hair and when hair starts to thin it will often fall from the canopy area of the hair first.

When Canopy hair is damaged it's most likely to break, split or result in frizz, fuzz or other misbehaving hair behaviors.

Canopy Hair Is A Tent For Your Strands

Under the best of conditions, canopy hair can act as a tent for the rest of the strands.  Canopy actually comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning cover to keep insect off.  In a sense the top layer of hair keeps toxins from migrating to the rest of the strands.

Hair canopies provide protection from the weather and beautiful decoration when the hair is pampered and nourished.

(Hair by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved)

Canopy hair can stand alone by having a different texture than the rest of the hair.  Or canopy hair can have frizz and fuzz issues which don't necessarily plague the rest of the hair.

Keep The Canopy Well Maintained

Ideally canopy hair should be the most pampered and nurtured sections of the hair because when the canopy hair is healthy and frizz free, it becomes the crowning glory for the entire head of hair.

Keep your canopy hair section well maintained, conditioned and protected from heat abuse and environmental toxins whenever possible.  Treat your canopy hair with kindness and you'll have a gorgeous covering of tresses.

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