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Broken Pie Promises - Mama's Daughter's Diner On Midway & Park in Dallas, Texas

Some restaurant locations just seem to have bad location karma.  Or maybe they have bad Feng Shui.

Such a restaurant location exists in the North Dallas area near the corner of Midway and Park.  It's a very busy intersection close to a very large church with a Starbucks right across the street and a range of local eateries ranging from Pei Wei to Dickey's BBQ and even a Dunkin Donuts.

Initially the current location of a Mama's Daughter's Diner located at 6509 W Park Boulevard used to be a Chuck's hamburger restaurant.  When Chuck's first opened it was jammed with people enjoying the old rock and roll music, the video game room and the decent old fashioned burgers.

The restaurant required you to order at the counter and then wait for your number to be called.  They specialized in old fashioned ice cream drinks such as authentic Oreo Cookies n Cream.

Over the years the Chuck's lost a lot of its razzle dazzle and it became less and less crowded.  Eventually it shut its doors and remained completely dark for many months.

Eventually a brand new restaurant opened with major fanfare in the former Chuck's location.  It was called Rock-N-Rodgers and featured a 50s style diner. Pictures of Elvis were posted everywhere and the diner featured a bunch of old-style decorations.

The Rock-N-Rodgers decor was straight out of a movie. Great statues, memorabilia, vintage products, and even vintage ads lined the diner style tables. It was a great atmosphere.

Sadly the food was not great and the service was basically terrible.   Just like Chucks, the restaurant started out jammed with people until the parking lot was completely empty and the restaurant closed.

I decided that three times was probably the charm.  When Mama's Daughter's Diner recently opened in the former location of Rock-N-Rodgers I was excited.  I've eaten at other Mama's locations and the food is good and reasonably priced.  I had high hopes for this third incarnation.

Sadly bad restaurant karma continues to reign at 6509 W Park Blvd.  My first visit to the new Mama's Daughter was lackluster.  Some of the original photos of Elvis and the comfy red leather covered booths had survived from Rock-N-Rodgers days.  Luckily the menu was completely different and showed great promise.

Although my dining companion and I were greeted promptly and seated in one of the warm and cozy booths, the service was very slow with the server seeming very disorganized.  We had to flag him down to get drink refills and ultimately our bill.  The next time I stopped by for dinner the service about the same and the food was acceptable.

One major bright spot was the discovery of homemade coconut cream pie with an authentic meringue filling.  Yes, completely homemade and yummy.  My companion loved the apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

I took my sidekick Edan with me for lunch and our waitress was this cute little elderly lady who made the experience feel like we were back in the kitchen with our grandmother.  We both had breakfast and the French toast was excellent but the pancakes were just average.  Edan swooned over her piece of coconut pie.

Things started to go seriously downhill two nights ago when I again had dinner with a companion.  After being promptly seated in a booth we waited, waited and waited some more for a server, any server, to talk on us.  A woman, who appeared to be the server in our station completely ignored us.  The minutes continued to click by and we discussed leaving.  Then a server named Abraham spotted us looking around and asked if he could help us.

Although Abraham was very pleasant, he forgot to bring the signature yeast rolls and cornbread to the table.  He also got my companion's hamburger completely wrong.  My grilled cheese was fine.  The meal was ultimately saved by the signature coconut cream pie.

The initial spotty service was saved by Abraham so my thoughts of ending my visits to Mama's Daughter was put on hold.  Not for long.

Feeling encouraged by the good service provided by Abraham I returned the very next night with my guy.  When I ordered my dinner I told Abraham to add a piece of coconut pie to our ticket.  He promised he would make sure the pie was held for us.

As we were finishing I noticed the table of four who had arrived many minutes after us eating a piece of coconut pie.  I reminded Abraham we were ready for our piece.

He came back to our table to tell us there had been only one piece left and someone else had gotten it, even though we had already ordered it.  I pointed to the table across from us and said "they're eating our pie."  He apologized for letting them have our dessert and then told me that there wasn't any type of pie of any kind left.  None.  Nada.

When we left the restaurant no one asked how our meal was or if everything was OK.  I looked for comment cards but none of there were anywhere to be found either.  It was probably good that no one asked how our dining experience was because they probably wouldn't have liked the answer.

The ultimately promise of the coconut pie was broken.  Yes, pie isn't everything, but the broken pie promise was the final straw.  I don't care how authentic the meringue is or how creamy the pie.  I won't be returning to Mama's Daughter's Diner at 6509 W Park Boulevard.

If you decide to brave the erratic services and spotty food make sure you order your pie first and they immediately bring it to your table or else you may be the victim of a pie bandit like we were.

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