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The Beauty Box Salon In Dallas, Texas

One of the best perks of my work with is the opportunity to meet some of the most stellar people in the hair and beauty world.

A few months ago Christopher Box, or Chris, as he prefers to be known to his friends, reached out to me via email and invited me to visit his chic hair salon, The Porch, in uptown Dallas.

(Image of Christopher Box in front of The Beauty Box Salon in Dallas, Texas -December 2010 - Photo by Jeffry Hines for - All Rights Reserved)

After a long and engaging phone chat with Chris, we agreed to meet up for lunch to talk further about the world of hair and beauty.   On a gorgeous November day  Chris and I, along with's Brigid, met at The Porch for an engaging meal.

The Porch is one of my favorite restaurants because of the relaxing atmosphere, always amazing food and great service.  Unfortunately the chic eatery is a bit of a jog down 75 from so I don't get to go as often as I like except for special events like meet ups with new friends like Chris.

As the three of us enjoyed the culinary charms of The Porch we discussed latest hairstyling and color trends, current hair industry directions and The Beauty Box Salon happenings.

While I really enjoyed our initial phone chat, I found Chris even more engaging, fun and caring in person.  Chris oozes passion for his work as a professional hair colorist, as a salon owner and for his Beauty Box team.

As he elaborated on his reasons for moving to Dallas from California to open The Beauty Box his eyes sparkled with excitement.    Chris loves his work with hair, his clients and his team members.

Of course the topic of hair is always fun and exciting for me but it was truly a pleasure to spend time with someone who is so thrilled to be in the hair business and who wants all of his clients to have the most fabulous hair experience possible.

Time literally flew by for me while listening to Chris discuss the latest leading edge and fascinating hair projects he and his salon team are working on.  At the end of lunch he invited  me to stop by his salon "any time, meet his team and take a tour."  I promised to do so.

My best intentions to stop by The Beauty Box were temporarily put on the back burner until this past weekend due to an unusually hectic schedule and my Thanksgiving trip out of town.

The weather in Dallas was  more Springlike than early Winter which was perfect for a mini-roadtrip.  I convinced's Jeff to make the short trek with me to The Beauty Box for a tour.  Jeff brought his professional camera gear and we decided to capture a few photos for the salon files.

When we arrived at The Beauty Box just after noon, the salon was buzzing with team members who were busy attending to clients.

Chris welcomed us warmly and gave us the tour.  The Beauty Box is literally nestled into a charming house situated in a wonderful area of Dallas between the Oak Lawn and Uptown areas near beautiful Turtle Creek.

The inviting tree lined street where The Beauty Box is located is full of interesting houses and buildings.

Some of the other houses neighboring the salon have also been converted to businesses.   There's lots of easy parking both on the street and in the back of The Beauty Box.

The front of The Beauty Box is inviting and intriguing.  Although Jeff wanted to take some outside street photos I saw Chris through the windows.  He waved and came bounding outside to give me a hug and welcome both of us.

Chris took Jeff and I for a grand tour of the cozy and chic salon which was buzzed about in Glamour and Allure Magazines.  We met all of the various team members including the salon manager.

The walls are covered with beautiful artwork and everything is neat as a pin.  I was impressed by the wall of products in the front reception room.  Chris and his staff utilize only the very best hair and color lines which is always fabulous to experience.  No wonder they have great marks on Yelp.

This salon, which is one of the hottest in Dallas was buzzing with tons of activity and lots of happy hair clients so Jeff and I only stayed for a few minutes before heading back out into the beautiful weather.  As we left I promised Chris we would pop in again soon since our first visit was so much fun.

Both Jeff and I were very impressed by The Beauty Box.  It offers all the professional hair and beauty services of a big salon (cuts, styles, color, extensions,Keratin treatments and etc.,) tucked inside a cozy, warm and inviting setting with non-stop personal service and attention.

Who could ask for more?

Check out this amazing salon and please tell them that sent you.

More About The Beauty Box

The Porch is located at:

4217 Herschel Avenue

Dallas, TX 75219

(214) 559-3572

Visit Chris and the great Beauty Box Salon Team on Facebook and on Twitter.

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