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DIY Scalp Scrubs May Be Harmful To Your Hair

While there's lots of great hair care information on the Web, there's also a lot of misinformation which if not tempered correctly, can actually harm your hair in the long term.

One such piece of misinformation is a range of Do It Yourself (DIY) Scalp Scrubs created from a variety of natural ingredients ranging from white and brown sugar to Epsom Salts, bentonite clay, salt, sand or similar grainy substances.

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While it might sound fabulous to whip up a great scalp scrub from yummy ingredients like brown sugar, yogurt, shea butter or coco butter, when you use ingredients which are coarse, they can actually damage the scalp, the roots and even the hair's cuticle.

Not everyone will agree with my hypothesis but personally I have seen and heard of several cases where DIY scrubs would actually leave the scalp red, tender or even raw if scrubbed too aggressively. 

Did you know it's possible to damage your scalp with excessive massaging or scrubbing your scalp with rough fingernails?  Indeed, it's true.  Make a recipe of brown sugar, white sugar, salt, Epson Salt or other grainy scrub ingredients and you are risking damage to your delicate scalp.  Even more importantly, the coarse the DIY scalp scrub, the more danger of damage.

Any of the DIY scalp scrubs which are abrasive in any way can cause scratches,  micro tears or puncture the skin on the scalp.  These sandy textured scrubs may also cause denting, chipping or stripping of the cuticle.   Damage can occur not only to the scalp. but the adjoining roots and hair.

Is all that potential damage which can last for a very long term actually worth a DIY scrub?  Hopefully you will think long and hard before taking your fingernails or other scratchy items anywhere near your scalp.

Itchy scalp?  Talk to your dermatologist about the appropriate formulations to apply to scalp to prevent any type of damage.

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