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Do Women Spend More Time Battling Frizz Than Exercising?

According to a Pantene Hair Survey, referenced in the March 2006 issue of Allure Magazine, 53% of women actually do spend more time managing their frizz than they do exercising.

While there are many well known options for battling back the curse of being a perpetual frizz-ball, not all options work well for all types of frizz challenged hair.  However, there are some basic frizz fighting tips that work well for most naturally texturized girls.

If you want to spend less time battling frizz so you have more time to hit the treadmill consider the following options for creating smooth well-behaved tresses.

1.  Utilize styling products which add instant weight to your strands.

This can be tricky depending on whether your hair is naturally wavy, curly or kinky.  Some people experience frizz because their tresses are overly dry, damaged or distressed from over cleansing, extensive use of chemicals, heat or the local environment.

Depending on whom you talk to there are a wide range of products which can add the necessary weight to any type of naturally frizzy tresses.  You may wish to add weight to your hair during the conditioning process with rinse-out or deep conditioning products.  Or you can add weight with a variety of frizz fighting leave-in conditioners, gels or creams.

No Right Or Wrong Options Or Products

There is no right or wrong option or product.  Some people swear by controlling frizz during the conditioning cycle.  Others swear by leave-in conditioners, gels and creams.  Others do a little bit of both.

After 15 years of dealing with my own naturally wavy/curly tresses which can frizz up on a bad day my go-to product which never lets me down is Phytodefrisant.  I personally believe in combining the benefits of rinse out conditioners with leave-ins topped off by a dab of Phytodefrisant.  Yes it took me awhile to figure out what worked best for me but hopefully you won't have to try tons of products before you find your frizz fighters.

I also have had great luck with many of the Ouidad products especially her Climate Control Gel.

[amazon-product text="Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel" type="text"]B0001Y74VS [/amazon-product]

2.  Establish a consistent deep conditioning plan

One of the key causes of frizzy strands, regardless of the texture is moisture deprivation.  Applying deep protein/ Phytodefrisant will help keep thirsty strands well moistened and less likely to frizz.  When in doubt start with deep conditioning treatments every 10-14 days.  You can adjust the frequency depending on the results you achieve.

3.  Consider altering your traditional washing routine

Many naturally wavy, curly and kinky tresses people have learned that washing their hair in hot water or with full strength cleansing products can strip the natural oils and moisture causing hair to become even more frizzy.  Squeaky clean hair is actually a bad thing because when hair squeaks it means it doesn't have moisture.

Evaluate the option to cleanse hair with a diluted formulation of shampoo plus water.  Or consider a conditioning only wash (CO Wash) which removes dirt and debris, but protects the natural moisture balance.  Hair can also be cleansed with water only.

Note:  One secret to a successful diluted shampoo, CO or water only rinse is to make sure tresses are well saturated with water before and after cleansing.

4.  Consider cleansing less frequently.

Washing hair more infrequently, with lukewarm water and with a more gentle formulation can work wonders for battling frizz.

5.  Avoid heat drying and styling whenever possible.

If it's not possible to air-dry, utilize a hair dryer with a diffuser or similar nozzle to dry the hair more gently.  When possible dry hair on the coolest possible setting.

6.  Minimize use of hot rollers, irons or straighteners.

These type of hot tools which can  destroy hair's natural elasticity.  When the hair loses its natural elasticity and movement it can become more frizzy.

7.  Limit use of chemicals.

Whether you color your hair or opt to chemically alter the texture with relaxers, chemical straighteners or other smoothing treatments all chemicals tend to dry out strands.  If you feel you must chemically alter your hair limit your options to just one.

8.  Adopt hairstyles which minimize frizz. Learn to understand the climate conditions in your area and work with your hair to minimize frizz.  Save your hassled with a simple but elegant twist or knot.

Or utilize hair accessories to contain frizz from wrecking your tresses.  Even with the best frizz busting formulas your hair may act out with extreme humidity.

Other frizz fighting tips include sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases which help retain natural moisture, keeping ends well-trimmed, applying jojoba or similar oils to dry sections in between cleanses and minimizing use of heat.

Once you figure out the best frizz fighting products and procedures for your own hair you can eventually minimize your frizz fighting time while rocking some sleek, soft and beautiful tresses.

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