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Barbra Streisand Never Intended To Be Singer And Hates The Pressure

Oprah introduced Barbra as a true "living legend". Wearing her famous blonde hair stick straight and tucked under a chocolate brown beret.

When asked if the applause got old Barbra said "it's very nice, very satisfying." In response to Oprah's question about how she was doing Barbara replied "oh honey, I just came from traveling abroad and many different countries and spas and eating and gaining weight. At spas." Oprah asked how you can gain weight at a spa and Barbra said it's "not easy."

When asked what growth she had seen for herself since the very beginning of her career Barbra said "I think I've been around a long time. Just seems lord."

Oprah asked Barbra if she had a sense of pride about her career and the iconic singer said "you know, I try to live in the moment. So I really don't, you know what I mean. I don't look at my past laurels or whatever."

Barbra Told Oprah She Never Intended To Be A Singer

Although she was being told to wrap up the segment Oprah said she wanted to ask Barbra a question about a past phone conversation the had. Oprah said that during that phone chat Barbra said 'I never intended to be a singer' and it shocked her "so much".

Oprah quoted Barbra "and you even said 'I don't love it that much' and I'm like how could you possibly be Barbra Streisand and not? How could she?" She told the audience "Oh really I had to put the phone down and I said 'oh my god how could she be Barbra Streisand and not love singing."

Barbra's Loves Singing When It's Just Her And The Music Alone

Barbra clarified her phone comments to Oprah. She said "I love singing when it's me and the music alone. When I'm recording and I'm singing with an orchestra and there's nobody judging it at the moment. I love when it's just me and the music. Do you understand? When you come out and perform in front of people it's pressure. It's something else. Now I'm aware you're watching me or you've paid money to see me. And again I think I've said this before I don't want to disappoint anyone."

Why Barbra Can't Sing In People's Living Rooms

Barbra summarized her thoughts "it becomes more than me and the music. I love the music. That's why I can't sing in people's living rooms. I don't know what to do. Where do I look. If I see you. If I even see people in the front row of a concert hall and someone's not paying rapt attention or don't applaud. It's like they're paying bigger money because they're in the front seat. Somehow that entitles them to not applaud? What is that about?"

Pointing up towards the nosebleed sections she quipped "my fans are up there, you know?"

Barbra said when people pay more money they often have the attitude of "come on now...entertain me. What do I have to do? Sing with golden notes? You know, it's pressure. Exactly."

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