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Sarah Jessica Parker Curly Hair Trendsetter

Throughout the years I've alternated between love and hate for Sarah Jessica Parker known by many as SJP.  I watched her in awe on TV's Square Pegs as the queen of high school dorks.  Her curls back then were au natural.

SJP seemed to fade from sight for awhile until she again appeared as a total airhead in 1991's L.A. Story.  Her hair still had a hint of texture, but was definitely not the gigantic mass of natural curls like she wore on Square Pegs.

How did Sarah Jessica feel about her big curls from the 80s?  She  told InStyle Magazine "every picture I see of myself from [the '80s] is pretty embarrassing."  She also said "but I find comfort in the fact that I looked like everyone else; I wasn't alone in making those insane choices."

Like a cat with nine lives, Sarah Jessica was born again as Carrie in HBO's Sex and the City (SATC).  Her iconic role on that "little show", as critics use to say, continues to live on in big movie sequels with the most recent Sex and the City 2.

While many fans and foes watch SJP closely to see what fashions she's wearing, others pay even more attention to her hair. The actress who has natural ringlets has worn her curls every which way from big bangs and perfectly formed spiral curls to a more streamlined style of loose beachy style waves.  SJP even went through a stick straight phase.

Of course the SATC queen has experimented with a variety of lengths from chin length to below the shoulders.  She's tried on a range of hues from white blonde to deep chocolate brunette.  Thankfully SJP has never gone crazy and adopted DayGlo colors ala Kelly Osbourne's famous cotton candy pink.

Both in her private and professional life the famous Aries has been known to love to experiment with her tresses.

While some big name celebs form a long-term bond with an equally famous hairstylist, SJP has turned her locks over to an ever changing list of big hairstyling names from Philip Carreon of Profile L.A. and my friend Robert Hallowell to some of New York City's finest.  Actually listing all of the various hairdressers who have worked their magic on SJP's hair would require multiple pages.

Philip Carreon told InStyle Magazine (February 2000 issue) that SJP "like it (her curls) full around her face, sort of a hippie-glam style."  Carreon said he would blow-dry her curls and then shape the ends with an iron using no products that would weigh down her fine hair.

Robert Hallowell told me while puttering around his famous kitchen that Sarah Jessica is "lovely" in person and "very sweet."  He confirmed the actress did have fine naturally curly hair and loved to try a variety of different styles and looks because she liked to always reinvent her hairstyles.

SJP understands that to keep her hairstyles fresh and new she has to work with a variety of hairstylists and colorists to create her every changing styles.   Whether you love Sarah Jessica Parker or she drives you crazy, you can't honestly deny that she keeps her hairstyles innovative and fresh.

The SATC star probably doesn't win lots of points with curl purists who believe natural curls should be worn in their natural patterns.  However, for those curly people who want a wide range of options for their natural curls, SJP does showcase every changing style trends.

If you want to check out current hair trends for curly hair, SJP's a good starting point.  Of course her hairstyles can be an inspiration for any type of hair fashionista.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi said it the best about the actress.  He told the magazine that  SJP's secret weapon is that "she acts with her hair," which is "a subtle skill few have mastered."   Indeed, she has managed to find her own hairstyle signature whether curly or straight, long or short, blonde or brunette.  Her hair always looks fashionable and just right for her.

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