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Kate Walsh Eats Chips And Chocolate To Deal With Taye Diggs' Great Body

The very funny Kate Walsh recently appeared on Ellen's show to discuss her appearance on the hit show, Private Practice, as well as her new fragrance. Ellen teased Kate about how often she's naked on the show, including the clip shown to Ellen's audience before Kate appeared.

Kate agreed that she's naked a lot as well as being naked with the smokin hot Taye Diggs who plays her current love interest.

Ellen said "there's a lot of nakedity" on the show and then wondered if "nakedity is even a real word?" Ellen decided "it doesn't really matter though since the fans love to see the steamy love scenes."

Lots Of Love Scenes With Taye Diggs

When discussing her many naked love scenes with Taye Kate said "that's a terrible, terrible way to make a living." Ellen teased her about having to do those steamy nude scenes all the time.

Kate said "I know, it's a little strange. I often say when I disrobe, I tell the crew 'what you're about to see will blow your mind.' Cause there's no way. How can you compete with Taye Diggs? He's in ridiculous shape. I've often said to him 'so what do you do to work out? Like as if somehow I'm going to emulate his workout and be the female equivalent (of Taye) or whatever".

Taye's Workout Plan

Ellen quizzed Kate "what does he do? Does he work out like crazy?" Kate "I don't know. It just happens. He just looks great, smells great and is a fabulous person." Ellen agreed "he is, he's a sweet guy."

She asked Kate "now does that put pressure on you. Do you always worry about that (getting naked and being compared to Taye's body) don't worry about that?"

Dieting Backfires

Kate "I don't. I go the other way. I'm like, I will never make that so I go to craft services and hit the chips. I will never...yes. Anytime I try to diet it always backfires and I'm like, I'd better have more potato chips. And maybe a little chocolate. I just accept which is why I always say 'what you're about to see will blow your mind' to the crew."

Ellen agreed "I'm anti-diet anyway and it seems what you're doing is fine anyway."

Kate also discussed her new fragrance which is called Boyfriend which Kate has packaged into a kit called The Boyfriend Kit.

Ellen showed a few clips of Kate's commercial which was shot at Kate's home in LA. In one shot there was an adorable cat but Kate explained her cat Pablo didn't want to have any part of Hollywood and so she hired a catacter to play the cat part.

After a short break Ellen put Kate's fragrance to the test by having Kate sniff the bodies of five very hot guys wearing fragrances ranging from Jack Daniels and Ben Gay to her Boyfriend aroma. Kate picked the right fragrance and everyone in the audience got to take home some of Kate's new fragrance which went on sale November 11th.

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