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Turbans: A Bad Hair Day Solution Or Fab Fashion Trend?

The October 25th issue of InTouch Magazine featured Salma Hayek, Kourtney Kardashian, Theresa Giudice and Solange Knowles wearing turbans. InTouch questioned whether the head wrap was part of a hot new fashion craze or an instant solution for a bad hair day.

Most fashion watchers might agree that turbans come and go into vogue. While they never completely leave the fashion radar, they are more popular at times than others. Miucca Prada showcased the head wraps on the catwalks in 2006 and It girl Kate Moss wore a turban at the 2009 Met galas. Neither Miucca or Kate's glamorous hats triggered a new fashion trend.

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) , known for donning a wide array of over-the-top hats and hair related accessories rocked a Patricia Field styled turban in May 2010's Sex And The City 2. Did SJP's big screen turban trigger the current rash of celebrity turbans noted by InTouch? Or is it just a coincidence.

Turbans Don't Work For Everyone

When worn correctly many turban styles are gorgeous and elegant. They are also one of those fashion accessories which don't really work for the majority of people. Turbans may enhance or detract from some face shapes, which is why they may look great or some but not so much on others. They also can draw attention to problem skin, wrinkles or less than gorgeous tresses.

I personally look like a bowling ball with a towel wrapped on my head when I wear a turban. As a result, I avoid them in favor of a fedora or wide brimmed hat which is more flattering on me.

A draped turban style headband also works better for me because my face needs a bit of fringe for balance. A turban can be worn with a fringe, but in many cases the fringe looks like an afterthought. A turban style headband only covers a small portion of the head and hair compared to a full turban which covers the entire head.

Turbans With Or Without A Fringe?

InTouch showcased Salma Hayek, Kourtney Kardashian, Theresa Giudice and Solange Knowles as current turban wearing celebs. Salma, Kourtney and Theresa all wore turbans sans a fringe, but with their long dark tresses cascading out from the head wrap. Solange wore a much higher turban than the other three celebrities, but none of her natural hair was visible.

The magazine pointed out Solange has admitted to feeling "distracted" by her high maintenance hair. This is definitely true in light of the face Solange shaved her head at one point reasoning it would offer her a lot lower maintenance. The singer's black and white turban actually looked better on her than the other three.

Maybe Solange rocked her turban so hard at the Tom Ford show because turban wearing stylist June Ambrose (Mary J. Blige, P.Diddy, Jay-Z) advised Beyonce's little sister on how to wear her Cavalli scarf based turban. Ambrose is a huge fan of the turban wearing one as her own signature. R&B singer Chrisette Michele also wore a turban at the direction of the fashion stylist for her "I'm A Star" video.

Turbans: Hot Fashion Accessories Or Gawdy Costumes?

It's still my humble opinion that the turban will remain more of an editorial accessory than one embraced by the masses. Why?

1. Turbans are high profile. Wear a turban and expect a lot more attention, which may or may not be good. If you wear a turban you may feel more pressure to do your make-up and wear your best fashions.

2. Turbans are linked with Hollywood glamour dating back to the 20s and 30s. They are associated with famous actress Greta Garbo in the film "The Temptress". Actresses Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson were also known for wearing the head wraps. Obviously a turban is not the best choice of hat to cover up a bad hair day because of their very nature of being high profile. If you want to camouflage your tresses consider lower profile options.

3. Even though designers Jason Wu, Giorgio Armani and Charlotte Ronson included turbans in their recent shows, some of the accessories worn in fashion shows may be too dramatic for the average consumer to embrace.

4. Turbans may also make a strong political statement that some fashionistas might feel uncomfortable making in light of the current conflicts in the Middle East. Turbans are often linked to Arab fashions.

5. When not worn appropriately turbans can look more like a costume than a fashion statement.

6. Not everyone has a stylist or designer like June Ambrose or Patricia Field on speed dial to advise on whether a turban works for you or not. Turbans can look great on some face shapes and hair styles but they're not for everyone.


According to Wikipedia turban is an English word used to refer to several sorts of head wear. A commonly used synonym is a Pagri, the Indian word for turban.

Although Turbans are being watched as a possible new fashion trend for women, turbans have been worn by both men and women in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia. They are designed to help keep the user cool in hot desert environments such as the Sahara.

If you're not sure if you would look great in a turban visit The Turbanizer website and try on a turban by uploading a photo of yourself.

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