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With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner life can become so busy and crazy it can zap even the best energy reserves. When life gets hectic consider incorporating some of the following energy boosting tricks:

1. Start the day with an energy infused shower. Select a peppermint enriched body wash, gel, lotion or hair cream to start your day with a natural boost.

Peppermint's powerful aroma has been proven to activate an area in the brain that controls alertness.

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Consider finishing your shower with a quick blast of cool or cold water which naturally amps up your circulation and makes you feel instantly invigorated.

2. Take the time to start every day with a healthy breakfast. While you might be tempted to grab a quick donut or other high fat food, opt for fiber rich foods which balance your blood sugar and give you balanced energy.

Fiber rich foods will also help flush toxins which can be secret energy robbers. One of my favorite breakfasts include a slice of Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain toast (available in the freezer at your local health food store) or a buckwheat waffle with just a dash of honey or sugar free syrup. Other breakfast options include Kashi GoLean Original cereal or similar high fiber cereals.

3. Have a cup of peppermint tea. Avoid a potential caffeine crash by having a hot cup of all natural peppermint infused tea which gives you an energy rush without the caffeine side effects.

4. Keep peppermint oil available for a quick energy burst throughout the day. You can easily inhale peppermint oil with the help of a diffuser or with a peppermint scented candle. Studies have shown that when atheletes inhaled the aroma they worked out harder.

5. If you don't have easy access to peppermint tea, essential oil, soaps or other products you can always pop a peppermint candy into your mouth for an instant energy burst.

6. Surround yourself with the color green. Studies have shown that when you're tired and you look at something bright green receptors in the eye will stimulate the brain while relaxing any eye strain that can add to the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion.

7. Send extra oxygen to your brain by taking a moment to rub each of your individual fingers at the tips. The rubbing will stimulate acupressure points which amps up your overall energy flow.

8. Listen to a mixture of slow and then more energetic music. Studies have also shown that when listening to a slow song immediately followed by an upbeat song, rather than just listening to upbeat music alone, overall energy levels were much higher.

9. Don't skip meals and make sure to eat healthy snacks every 4 hours to keep blood sugar stable and avoid energy spikes and dips. A few almonds, a teaspoon of nut butter on a celery stick or similar wholesome snacks will keep you at your energy best throughout the day.

10. Take a few deep breaths. When people get busy they forget to breathe properly which limits the amount of oxygen flowing to their brains. Breathe and give your brain an instant energy burst.

While all of the energy boosters listed about can really help, it's important to make sure to get the proper amount of sleep every night for your historical needs. Although a jam packed schedule may tempt you to try and skimp on sleep, resist the urge and enjoy the benefits the next day.

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