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Felicity Huffman's Hair Looked Like It'd Been Combed By Vacuum Cleaner

Actress Felicity Huffman stopped by to see Ellen Degeneres recently and confirmed the cast of Desperate Housewives had recently shot "something like the 8th episode of Season Seven of the popular ABC show."

Felicity Huffman Unsure Of Wedding Anniversary

The talk show hostess asked Felicity what happened in Mexico a few months ago. The Desperate Housewife explained "that was for our 14th or 13th wedding anniversary....I'm sorry Bill" as an apology to her husband William H. Macy and for forgetting how long they had been married. Ellen helped her out and said "it was your 13th." Felicity laughed "thank you very much" for keeping track of her wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Trip To St. Regis Hotel In Punta Mita, Mexico

Felicity explained she and her husband "were trying to figure out someplace to go for their anniversary and found a fantastic St. Regis in Punta Mita, Mexico."

She noted "we went there and it was beautiful and we stayed in this lovely house and it couldn't have been more idyllic. The only thing was with the time change."

It appears Felicity overslept for a "little photo shoot for a travel magazine" she and Bill were supposed to do as part of their trip. The actress said "I was supposed to get into hair and make-up by nine and then we were going to shoot at ten." Unfortunately she overslept waking up "at 9:05" at which point she freaked out.

Hair Combed By A Vacuum Cleaner

Oversleeping wasn't the worst part. Felicity said "I washed my hair the night before and slept on it wet." She made a face and laughed and "you know what that (her hair) looked like." She explained "her hair looked like it had been combed by a vacuum cleaner."

She said her make-up looked like "I lined it up and went pouf (dropping face down into it)." Felicity said when her husband Bill showed up at the photo shoot he looked "really grumpy" or that he was "really mad at me."

Accidental Ambien

Eventually Felicity discovered that in all the chaos her husband had accidently popped an Ambien sleep tablet rather than his normal daily pills. He wasn't grumpy or angry, he was fighting sleep. Bill told Felicity he felt like "it's a flashback to the 60s, but I'm maintaining."

Although Bill thought he was doing okay, when the photos came back, which Ellen showed to the audience, he looked very very relaxed. In fact, he looked like he had passed out in Felicity's lap on the beach.

Ironically Felicity's hair looked great in the photos without any hints of her originial vacuum cleaner styling. Her husband? Not so much. His hair looked wild, sticking up over his head. The good news? The photos were beach shots where tousled hair is the rule, not the exception. Thank heavens for beachy hair.

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