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Orange Make-up Shades For Fall

Introduction - Orange Make-up Shades For Fall

Orange Orange

Orange make-up shades for Fall 2010 are expected to be sizzling hot.

Make-up experts believe the rusts, tangerines, peaches and related {{asin=B0002,text=orange hues}} seen on fashion runways from the Fall 2010 shows are going to be very popular for 2010.

The Fall 2010 orange makeup shades for Fall 2010 is inspired by many different women morphed into one; Romantic meets Glamorous meets Edgy.

It’s a clean, confident look using vibrant orange hues, created by balancing a fierce warm color with a softer cool tone on a nude and undone natural face.

Although these beautiful orange hues were a smash hit on the runways, how will they work for the average women?  Are they wearable by the majority?  Or limited in their range?

According to iconic make-up artist Marissa Nemes, these pops of bold orange, soft rust and healthy peach will continue to grow in makeup wardrobes.

The shades give off a beautiful warm glow which is wearable for the average woman.  In fact, the rich hues give skin an amazing finish.

Secrets To Pulling Off New Orange Based Looks

Nars Eyeshadow With Orange Hues Nars Eyeshadow With Orange Hues

Marissa shared secrets on how to pull off the new orange based looks.

The iconic make-up artist suggests the best way to to pull it off.

She advises leaving everything clean while focusing on a certain area of your face.

For example, if the focus is the eyes, consider rust colored, romantic eyes, matte skin, peachy pink on the cheeks, and a sheer nude lip.

Matte finishes are also going to be much more popular than shiny finishes.

Marissa explained that matte glows are fabulous because no one really wants to look shiny.  This undone look shows off the skin’s natural glow while looking modern and clean.

She suggested creating the effect by blending a translucent powder all over while topping it with a tiny bit of illumination above the cheekbones and at the bridge of your nose.

If you prefer more coverage, a sheer veil of a powder foundation will do the trick.

More About Marissa Nemes

Marissa Nemes’ love of beauty began when she was a young girl. Her chic grandmother Zelda, a fashion designer from Poland, played a memorable role in her early childhood.

Zelda’s motto “if you look good you’ll feel good” has stayed with Marissa since day one. Always thinking of Zelda’s fashion forward beauty and style, the make-up artist vividly remembers her grandmother’s palette of colorful eye shadows, lipsticks and baby blonde hair.

Marissa knew she was destined to be an artist at a very early age when color naturally motivated her on a daily basis. She started to paint abstract canvasses, snap photos from around the world and suggest colors and makeup techniques to her mother, sisters and clients.

While her impressive background includes both photography and fashion degrees, she felt most fulfilled as a makeup artist.

Best known for her iconic, clean and classic style, Marissa has had involvement in aesthetic styling for feature films such as The Mummy III and The Aviator, branching out to TV shows such as Bravo’s Real Housewives series.

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