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NY Post’s Raakhee Mirchandani Gives Curly Hair Tips To Troy Polamalu

My friend, curly hair expert, Barbara Lhotan told me I had to read today's New York Post (9/7/10) article where Raakhee Mirchandani writes a great public letter providing Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu offering naturally curly hair advice.[amazon-product text="Ouidad Climate Control Gel" type="text"]B0001Y74VS [/amazon-product]

The football star and Head And Shoulders spokesman recently made news when his mass of curls and coils were insured for $1 million by the famous Lloyds of London.

Raahkee Mirchandani starts the letter to Troy by explaining a preference to Jimmy Choos rather than pigskin.  Ms. Mirchandani mentions following Troy's career closely after spotting his tight, corkscrew curls bouncing up and down underneath his Steelers helmet.

The Post reporter tells the football player "we're hair twins" or "quadruplets if you throw in Slash and Howard Stern."

Mirchandani notes the "resemblance" between their "sexy spirals" are uncanny while pointing out the "tragic tress challenges" of  "dry ends, mid-summer frizz fests and trouble wearing hats" or football helmets?

I love how Mirchandani makes curly hair product recommendations for Troy.  I adore Ouidad's "Climate Control" Gel which I agree really does works in the most humid conditions.  It was at the top of the jounalist's product rec list.

I'm a long time fan of Ouidad's (one of the best interview subjects I've ever had the pleasure of meeting) and was thrilled to see her amazing product recommended.  I actually have some in my bathroom at this very minute.  It's the bomb.  It's available at, where I usually buy it.

Although Mirchandani doesn't mention one of my own frizz fighting favs, Phytodefrisant, I think Troy could also benefit from this magical cream which has been keeping me out of the frizz zone for over ten years now. (Available in Marketplace).

The New York Post curl twin also recommends "Frederic Fekkai's new Essential Shea line designed to keep curls happy, hydrated and smelling great."

While I like a lot of Fekkai's products, I was not as impressed with this suggestion.  Troy doesn't seem like a FF kinda guy but I could totally see him rocking out on the Ouidad Gel.

[amazon-product text="Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea Mask" type="text"] B0040ZM80G [/amazon-product]

What ringlet infused person doesn't need a long finger diffuser?  Exactly.  Mirchandani recommends the FHI 1900 Nano weight pro hair dryer with a diffuser known to dry curls in "less than 15 minutes".

Other curly hair care recs for Troy?  "Kiehl's "superbly smoothing Argan" shampoo ($18) and Kiehl's argan conditioner ($19), which uses the naturally potent smoothing and softening properties of argan oil."

Hmmm.  Do I agree?  Yes, Kiehl's is good, but I've been debating with curly hair experts lately on the pros and cons of oil for curls.  For me it's too much, but some curly haired folks love it.

Troy supposedly has been using Head and Shoulders since he was a kid.  Needless to say, after Procter & Gamble paid $1 million to have the curly haired football jockey's tresses insured, he may not be in the mood to switch brands.  I can't imagine how H&S's works for his naturally dry tresses though?  Can you?

Although Mirchandani also recommends Living Proof shampoo, conditioner and hairspray as an option for handling his coils, will he actually take the curly hair care tips?   After Lloyd's of London put that price tag on his head, why should he switch now?  His curls are in the money now.

Plus anyone who has natural texture knows that what works for one, may not work for another, even hair twins or quads.

Ironically Mirchandani revealed Troy emailed about his hair evolution which started when he was in a lazy scruffy phase in college.  He noted his "lack of personal hygiene" turned out good for him.

Well I'd say.  Not only did Tony create a media buzz over his new Head & Shoulders, he became the football guy with all those curls which many people will remember when they can't recall his name of the team he plays for.  Afterall, remember what that Refrigerator did for that football guy named Richard Perry and pantyhose for Joe Namath.

[amazon-product text="Head And Shoulder 2 in 1 Sensitive Care" type="text"]B001G7PJ4I [/amazon-product]

My compliments to Ms. Mirchandani for an awesome letter in the Post and some amazing curly hair product suggestions.  As someone who has been writing about natural texture for many years I couldn't agree more with her picks.

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