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Lather May Be Hazardous To The Health Of Your Hair

In the early days of back in 1997 we brought in a new line of organic hair care which at the time was also available at Whole Foods.

Although the aroma was wonderful and the ingredients were very pure and hair healthy, the shampoo had virtually no lather.

The first few times I used the shampoo I was concerned thinking there was something wrong with the product.  After doing my homework I realized there was basically no chemical additives which caused lathering.

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In essence, the lack of lather was a very good thing for my hair and it showed.  Unfortunately, many of the Marketplace customers were also upset at the lack of lather.

The product, even though it was very gentle for tresses, did not sell well at all.  Eventually the product was taken off the market.  Was it because of it's lack of lather?  Maybe.

Celebrity curly girl, Lorraine Massey, author of Curly Girl (Workman Publishing 2001) and co-owner of New York's Devachan Hair Salon told me in one of our previous chats that the more a shampoo lathers, the more potentially damaging it can be.

She also told me American's "are addicted to lather."  Which certainly explained the disappointing response to the original non-sudsing shampoo we carried at so many years ago.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) Is A Sudsing Agent

Lorraine who has the most gorgeous head of blonde ringlets I have ever seen told me lather is a by-product of a high concentration of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or similar chemicals lurking in almost all commercial shampoo ingredient lists.

Note: Check out DevaCurl on where the prices are the best I've seen for this amazing line.

It doesn't matter if the shampoo is from the drugstore or a professional line, if it has lots of suds, your hair is probably being damaged.  SLS is the same or similar chemical used in ordinary detergent shampoos.

Lorraine told me on the phone at one point "laundering curly hair, which is what most people are doing, with ordinary detergent shampoos just about guarantees a mass of dry, frizzy, shapeless locks."

If you've met Lorraine you know how passionate she is about helping her curly girls achieve the healthiest ringlets possible.  The British born and bred curl expert doesn't just talk about curl challenges.  She commits to offering solutions.   That's why Lorraine, along with her Devachan partners spent over a year developing the spectacular DevaCurl product line, a group of hair products designed to cleanse, respect and protect your hair.

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To make her point about those lathering shampoo products, Lorraine and her partners ditched the word shampoo and alternated cleansers.  Her cleansers were initially called No-Poo and Lo-Poo, both created without those nasty lathering agents.

Of course Lorraine didn't stop with her amazing No and Lo Poo cleansers.  She developed a full blown curl care program which includes a range of rinse out and leave-in conditioners as well as curl friendly styling products.  Lorraine made sure her  DevaCurl product line to celebrate, liberate and care for your own curls.

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