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Beautiful Bob Hairstyle Without Getting Your Hair Cut

I recently wrote a blog about the Curl Changing Hair History where I mentioned how wigs were first introduced by the Carita Sisters in Paris in the 1950s followed by a wig counter at Harrods in London in the 1960s.

Wigs have been a wonderful alternative to any type of hair since that point.

Although wigs have been around since the 1950s, they have undergone major transformations to the point that sometimes it's impossible to determine if a hairstyle is actually a wig or real human hair.

Wigs are wildly popular with celebrities and performers and becoming more so since the adoption of wigs and hair extensions by the famous Lady Gaga.

(Image of Revlon Ease Bob Wig courtesy of - All Rights Reserved)

One of the greatest advantages wigs offer is that you can instantly change up your current hairstyle without going to the salon, getting out the scissors, hair color or chemical treatments.  Whether you want to just try on a new personality or take a break from your current style, wigs offer the option.

Since the Carita Sisters first introduced their wigs, a dizzying array of companies have entered the market offering wigs in every conceivable hue, shape, length, hair texture and hair type.

One of the wigs I love is Revlon's Ease, a bob wig with long bangs and lots of layers. The hand-tied back and sides, monofilament top, and lace front hairline provide the latest in comfort with an unparalleled natural look. With all the features it provides, it's great for medical purposes, or fashion.

(Image of Katy Perry at MTV Awards - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

With my own long hair, wigs offer me the option to try on new hairstyles without cutting off all that time I've spent growing my own hair.  Even better, I can go blue like Katy Perry or pink or even white blonde.

This great wig is available from my favorite online wig store - WigSuperstore.  Jason and his team are amazing and really care about their customers.  If you're interested in viewing an amazing array of great wigs, stop by and see their collections.  Please tell them that Karen sent you.

More About Revlon's Ease Bob Style Wig

Cap Size: Average

Type: Synthetic Wig

Collection: Simply Beautiful Translucence by Revlon

Approx. Length: Bangs - Top 6.5" - 10.75" - Sides & Back 6.5" -9.5" - Neckline 2.5" - 3.5"

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