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A Phytocitrus Restructuring Mask Review


Like every human I have some down times, but for the most part I am a happy, upbeat and positive person.\n

Of course when my hair looks or feels bad that does tend to color my mood.\n

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Because my hair is so long, and so much a part of my life when it’s acting up, it’s like a small irritant.\u00a0 Sort of like when there’s a fly in the house.\u00a0 I try to ignore it, but when I see it I try to deal with it.\n

When my hair is being naughty I have some favorite stand-by products which always work to fix a myriad of problems.\u00a0 My magical products always work and never let me down.\n

One of my long time magic hair potions is Phytocitrus Restructuring Mask – Color-Treated Hair.\u00a0 While I’m also a fan of the Phytokarite, when my color seems blah or my strands feel rough or dry, this mask is a guarantee fixer upper for my naturally wavy\/curly dry strands.\u00a0 \n

Keep in mind I’m a long hair fanatic who does all the right stuff.\u00a0 I pre-poo, I never apply undiluted shampoo onto my head as per Lorraine Massey, I deep condition, rinse out condition and I use all the appropriate leave-in styling products.\n

I detangle in the shower ala Ouidad and I finger pick carefully.\u00a0 I either air dry use a long finger diffuser.\n

(Image of Phytokarite Mask – – All Rights Reserved)\n

Lots Of TLC\n

My natural wavy\/curly hair gets tons of TLC.\u00a0 Yet because it’s so long, naturally dry and highlighted, it needs extra care during certain times of the year.\u00a0\u00a0 Phytocitrus Restructuring Mask was specifically developed for colored hair.\u00a0 It’s a rich treatment designed to extend the life of your color.\n

Phytocitrus Restructing Mask is a decadent formula which delivers a blend of yummy citrus fruits and healthy hair building proteins.\u00a0 This mask effectively locks in color, restructures the hair fiber, and boosts radiance.\n

Benefits Of Phytocitrus Restructing Mask\n

You can use Phytocitrus Restructing Mask as a deep conditioning treatment or you can use it on a daily basis right after your color process.\u00a0 Phyto recommends using the Phytocitrus Mask after Phytocitrus Shampoo for two weeks right after your hair color (highlights, lowlights) treatments to extend the life of the hair color and keep it bright.\n

Phytocitrus Mask will keep color vibrant, bright and illuminated with shine.\n

The aroma of the Mask is yummy but even better is the ingredient list.\u00a0 The product does not include hair damaging Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals or Phthlates.\n

Not only is Phytocitrus Mask bursting with healthy hair ingredients it provides amazing benefits for colored or highlighted hair just like mine.\n

It also works wonderfully for moisture starved naturally wavy, curly or dry hair.\u00a0 Why?\u00a0 In a way you could say it’s a savior in a jar because it spins rough, dry or parched hair into smooth, shiny and nicely conditioned tresses.\n

Tips For Applying Phytocitrus Mask\n

You can apply Phytocitrus Mask after you’ve cleansed your hair and rinsed it but before your final cool or cold rinse.\n

If you decide to use this method of application you would most likely pass up your rinse-out conditioner step.\u00a0 Some people will actually apply the Mask, allow it to soak into the tresses, rinse and then do a rinse-out conditioner.\u00a0 I have tried both methods and unless my hair is really suffering with parchment issues I so either the mask or the rinse out conditioner but not both.\n

If you prefer, you can cleanse your hair, rinse it well, towel blot to remove excess drippage and then apply the Phytocitrus Mask.\n

I actually love to use the Phytocitrus Mask on freshly cleansed hair after I towel blot it.\u00a0 I will apply the Phytocitrus Mask to my dry parched ends up to the top of my ears.\u00a0 After I have coated my damp strands with the Phytocitrus Mask I will either apply a shower cap or wrap it into a towel for up to 30 minutes.\n

Another favorite method of mine is to jump in the shower and cleanse my hair, rinse and towel blot and apply the Phytocitrus Mask.\u00a0 Then I do a mini-spa day in my bathroom while the Phytocitrus Mask is working.\u00a0 I do a mani\/pedi, slap on my favorite Karin Herzog skin products and any other beauty treats I have time to indulge in.\n

Easy To Apply In The Shower\n

Of course if you don’t have time to hang out in your bathroom you can apply the Mask in your shower and wait just a few minutes before rinsing.\n

I do recommend using a plastic cap of some type to help amp up the heat from your scalp.\u00a0 This is not necessary, but if you want to get the best possible results, experiment with this option.\n

Dealing With Jar Challenges\n

Besides the cost some hair consumers have issues with the fact the product comes in a jar and used to be available in a tube.\u00a0 I can understand having challenges with using a jar in the shower when your hands are wet.\u00a0 However, there is an easy solution.\n

Before you get in the shower scoop out the amount you believe you’ll need and place it in a small plastic bowl.\u00a0 I like to use a small plastic or similar style bowl with an easy to pop off lid.\n

That way I can take it into the shower with me and not have to worry about dropping the jar or getting water inside when I open the lid.\u00a0 I also tend to use less when I carefully measure out the amount I want before I take my shower.\n

You Get What You Pay For And This Product Is Worth Every Penny\n

Sometimes the feedback I hear about this treatment is that it’s expensive.\u00a0 For some people that might be true, but with this Mask a little bit goes a very long way.\u00a0 Especially if you pre-measure it out and apply it wisely.\n

I think this key point is not considered.\u00a0 If you plan your treatments wisely and don’t overdo the amount you apply to your tresses one jar will last a very long time.\n

More Information\n

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